Local SEO Exclusivity For Your Business in Fayetteville NC

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We are all aware of the importance of the internet and having an online presence. We’ve seen, heard and experienced major changes in the way we communicate and gather information. Now everything we saw creeping up on us is here and those who embrace it will thank themselves in the years to come. Fayetteville NC is a thriving town where the potential for business owners is immense and it needs to be maximized.



Based on what I have observed when I do my research samples is that most businesses can be found online, but they are not necessarily found when some of the more common keyword phrases are used to search for that kind of service. In other words, I have to hunt for most businesses, listings don’t naturally reveal themselves to me when they could or should. I can find a business that has an internet presence but they are not finding me.



There are many keywords and keyword phrases people mistakenly leave out that are being searched; as well as, the many channels and vehicles where businesses are nowhere to be found. The techniques I use are specific to each industry and each client and are tailored to what their needs are. The primary objective is to garner top page rank organically. This means your site or one of your site’s hubs, shows up naturally on its own in the search results pages (SERPs).



This does not include the business indexes and citations people get listed in or the spots search engines reserve space for. This does do not mean paid or sponsored results. Although both indexing and paid strategies should be used in tandem for a business’s marketing. Through Rank High Media, our methods incorporate the use of website optimization, blogging, inbound linking, video, social media, articles, and press releases, along with a lot of other techniques which are logged and given to customers in a monthly report.



Local SEO Exclusivity



Now for the crux of this post! The meat and potatoes! What is exclusivity and why is it important? Other professionals will tell you they can design a beautiful website for thousands of dollars and offer you their search engine package along with it. Let me ask you this? What happens when they design another web site for another doctor, lawyer, builder, landscaper, butcher, baker, candlestick maker! How can they offer SEO to two competing fields? You can’t do it. Even we professional, computer savvy, internet marketers are constantly scrambling to keep up with the changes and codes and algorithms and rules that are all part of our industry.



We offer complete and total exclusivity. It is the only way anyone in the field of local search engine optimization should operate. Creating websites is one thing or a commercial tailored to your business is fine. But because of the competitive nature of the field you’re in, you cannot afford to pay someone who is telling two or three competitors, “I can get you top page ranking.” It’s not only unrealistic, it’s unethical. Rank High Media only offers services to one type of business at a time in a given geographic region. This can translate to a first come first serve basis in a particular vertical.



I also ask you to consider how much money do you pour into your advertising? It’s probably a significant amount of money. If you were to shift, not sacrifice, part of that expenditure into online marketing efforts you will be pleasantly surprised. I do not make wild claims and false promises about how your phone will never stop ringing or about lines of people forming around the corner. I am talking about realistically capturing the attention of those who wanted your service in the first place. You may be passing up valuable clients and not even realize it. Customers that may have found you, if only you were where they were looking.


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Targeted Online Advertising for Local Businesses

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targetedadvertising1 Targeted Online Advertising for Local Businesses



Average small business owners waste incredible amounts of time, effort, and money on advertising that does not specifically help increase profits. In other words, advertising that does not work. One of the reasons for this is they never take the time to evaluate their audience and determine who their ideal customer is.


Determining who your ideal customer is enables you to create a customized marketing plan designed to meet their specific needs and desires. This gives you a huge advantage over your competition. You don’t attract all buyers the same; teenagers fall into a different demographic than Seniors, women’s buying habits differ from men, wealthy people spend differently than the middle class, and so on and so on. All of these groups do not spend the same way, thus, they will respond differently to the advertisements that target them.



You should plan your marketing accordingly. Of course, many target groups overlap and share the same interests and some ads appeal to a larger base of people and market segment, it is still crucial to formulate a customer profile before launching into an advertising campaign. An ideal customer profile helps you create an approach that is custom made for them.



Some factors to consider right away are: Where do my customers live? How old are they or what is the age range? Are they educated? If so to what degree? Are your customers working class? What income bracket do they fall into? What are their main concerns? And ultimately – What motivates them to buy?



Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Only half of my advertising works only I don’t know which half.” It’s no joke really when you consider the dollars spent on advertising and the amount of ads we as consumers are exposed to. The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 ads per day. Don’t you want your ad to work?



The answers to these questions will have a major impact on the best approach to take when planning your advertising. Avoid these mistakes by deciding that you will spend your money on advertising that can be tracked, measured, tested and proven as effective. There are several ways to find out how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls in advertising campaigns.



One way is to turn to the number one search engine, Google. Say you market to the fitness crowd, try a Google search with a keyword phrase something like this: “health supplement stores in (town)” or “(town) health clubs and gyms,” or, you could try “family dentists” or “teeth cleaning deals in (town).” Now let Google provide you some answers. You’ll be amazed by all the useful information you’ll find.



Testing ads before committing a large outlay of cash is crucial.



Contrary to what most ad agencies will tell you, frequency is not the most important part of an ad campaign. Targeting and effectiveness is much more important. This is an easy enough premise to explain, consider running a great ad in the wrong place (but not really). Even the most attractive or catchy ad will not work if you run it where it won’t be seen by the right people. It’s the old “ice to Eskimos” idiom. By the same token, most old folks don’t skateboard, so increasing frequency is never going to produce good results.



This is the reason, you can’t evaluate the effectiveness of an ad unless you’re sure you’re advertising to the right market and using the right media. Which again, is why you need a strong customer profile. Even then, you don’t want to commit to a large budget until you’ve tested the ad and know it works.



These principles have been in place since the beginning of advertising in general, especially on standard media platforms, and the fundamentals remain the same. If you owned a store you might already know or be guided into the right section to place a particular ad in a newspaper. On television you would have some say or be informed of a target audience and what channel, program, or time slot is best.



Advertising online is no different in regard to target advertising, but it can be even more competitive, daunting, or confusing. You may also be surprised as to how many ad dollars are wasted by untargeted and untested ad campaigns. Some people, think, well it’s only the internet, somehow the right people will find my ad, or my business for that matter. There are many subtleties and nuances to the whole online advertising landscape the average business owner is unaware of.



To wrap things up you must realize that there is a lot to learn. I can’t tell you how much money I spent on Google Ad campaigns before I really knew what I was doing. Find a good, honest Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialist and learn from them and let them help you pinpoint where your ads need to go and ho to go about it.



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SEO vs SEM | Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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seovssempic1 SEO vs SEM  |  Which One Is Right For Your Business?


A general definition of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is using paid advertising to garner more web traffic and customers. A general definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using available techniques and methods with particular attention to website content as it relates to achieving Page Ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).




So which is the better strategy for your business, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? There is no right answer for this or that is to say, no “one size fits all” choice in planning your marketing. The reason for this is there are distinct differences in each approach, however, the end result is basically the same or similar; to attract more web traffic and ultimately more customers.


SEO is something that should be incorporated into the long-term aspects of your presence on the internet. Your relevance, ability to be found, and the longevity of your business will depend on having a strong position online as it relates to your field. It should be something you should constantly strive for and keep up with by staying up to date as much as you can and using the help of professionals to assist you in doing so.


SEM should be implemented as a way to run specific campaigns or introduce products to your target audience. Pay-per-click advertising, for example, affords the ability to instantly get ads placed and seen where people will see them and lets business owners inform their public immediately of deals, specials, sales, and general company news. The time frame can be tailored right down to the day and time of day in which ads are displayed. This kind of control is invaluable for any business.


Also, if you happen to be in an intensely competitive field you may need to use paid advertising just to show up on the radar. For example, lawyers in large cities need to use paid methods as an on going aspect of their marketing, even the best SEO experts cannot ensure top page ranking at all times. There is too much at stake and too many daily searches being conducted juxtaposed against the changing nature of search engine results for paid methods to be ignored.



Here are some general pros and cons of SEO and SEM. Review them and see how they may fit into your marketing strategy and if they align with the business model you have.



SEO Pros

  • More long-term oriented
  • Seen as more trusted
  • Less expensive or “Free” (Barring time and professional assistance)

SEO Cons

  • Takes technical skill
  • Can take a long time
  • Competitive
  • Uncertain


SEM Pros

  • Fast
  • Lots of Control (Who sees ads and when)
  • Measurable results

SEM Cons

  • Takes technical skill
  • Expensive
  • Competitive
  • Temporary



To conclude this post it is important to reiterate that there is no one answer. You can only arm yourself with the knowledge at hand and forge ahead. It is my belief that overall, SEO holds the most weight and is of the most importance to the business owner or online marketer. In relying solely on SEM you are basically depending on a third party for your livelihood. Of course, that statement can be flipped and you could say we all in some way depend on third parties.


Just remember, using the two marketing styles in concert is a nice combination to make sure you don’t omit any potential for growth and to be where your competition may be marketing as well. Use SEM when you want specific control and want to see fast results, but use SEO in an on going effort to maintain longevity and relevance in your field.



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Target Your Market

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dartbrd11 Target Your Market

As online marketers we are obviously focused on generating more leads and traffic and we can occasionally develop tunnel vision. That is not to say that focus is not important, it is. Not always seeing the trees through the forest is a frequent mistake. Often what happens in our effort to generate more business is overlooking the people we can actually help the most.



Consider your level of expertise before determining who your target market is. I’m not going to sell Tony Robbins a course on self-improvement, he is at the pinnacle of that field. However, I might be able to offer him a CD distribution deal, or information about a large company’s need for motivational training. These, of course, are just examples.



Plenty of people want and need what you offer if you can identify who they are exactly. Be clear about your skill level and what your material is, who it is designed for and what it can do for those prospects. Trying to serve “everybody” is a mistake. Your materials may be specifically geared toward beginners, someone who can barely compose an email, which is fine. A top guru will not have the time to give the attention needed by a newbie.



There is a need for training and instruction at many levels that need to be filled; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Your main concern should be “Who can benefit from my material the most?” Then plan your marketing strategy accordingly? Marketing to beginners can be very rewarding. Very often I see marketers presenting themselves as experts when their own methods are actually basic. There is nothing wrong with not being the expert in all areas of marketing, especially on the internet which is so dependent on the technology itself.



So remember when you plan your marketing strategy make it clear who the market is and speak to that crowd. I got lured into internet marketing from books and the magazine world. My curiosity was peaked even more by television and newspaper advertising. A drive to succeed was reinforced by listening to top mentors, but I sought out people who had more knowledge than me but were approachable and willing to share their knowledge.



If you get anything from this post, it would be, not to waste time trying to sell ice to Eskimos, those who don’t want or need your service. Instead, think in terms of being able to sell iced water to those who are thirsty in the desert. You’ll get much better results and enjoy more success by knowing exactly who your customers are.



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The Six Principles of Influence | Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion Theory

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CialdiniInfluencepic1 The Six Principles of Influence | Robert Cialdinis Persuasion Theory



Everyone who owns a business or service is looking for ways to increase profits and ensure its longevity. What this amounts to is having something people want or need to make their lives easier or better. More often than not the demand for goods and services has to be created in order to compete in any given field. Therefore, attracting customers depends on the ability to influence them and reach them on an emotional level.





Sometimes doing this comes naturally during the process of informing the public about what you have to offer. Other times it is achieved by modeling or doing what seems to be working for others. However, the best way is to learn the true psychological reasons of what makes people want to buy something and put them into action.


When we’re mostly concerned with the day to day rigors of our own fields of expertise, it is important to look to the experts, especially while dealing with something so complex and layered as the psychology of the human mind. Luckily, there are some principles in existence that have been studied and tested that deal with exactly how people are actually influenced.


They are known as the Six Principles of Influence and they were brought to our awareness by Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” After years of observation and research he compiled his findings into what became a New York Times Best Seller that has sold over 2 million copies. This book has also become a reference to top advertisers and marketers since being published in 1984.


In the book Dr. Cialdini identifies the six principles as Reciprocity, Commitment or Consistency, Social Proof, Liking, Authority and Scarcity. This post will explore these principles and give examples of how they can be applied in the context of sales and marketing.



The Six Principles of Influence



1. Reciprocation – You know all the terms and phrases, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” live by the Golden Rule, quid pro quo, and so on, well these are all inherently reciprocity in action. As people, we naturally tend to want to repay in kind any gesture or gift which is given to us. This is one of the most positive characteristics of our species, and based on all the research, it tops Dr. Cialdini’s list of persuading factors that influence us the most.


Reciprocity can be applied to marketing in many ways and has been used effectively in ways we may not be aware of. Free samples are a prime example of this, it not only allows you to try the merchandise, it leads to a greater probability of the item being purchased. The receiver actually feels some sort of obligation to return the favor by buying. Another example of this is when a service, such as a carpet cleaner, may offer to do one room free. Try to incorporate a giving spirit into your business and you will see a difference. It can be challenging with some kinds of businesses, but if that is the case, information is always valued and appreciated, be it in the form of pamphlets, ebooks, or the spoken word.



2. Commitment and Consistency – This principle deals with the fact that people are inclined honor an agreement once they have agreed to do so, hence the decision to commit is a form of consistency. In other words, most folks don’t like to back out of deals nor do they want others to do it. The principle also refers to how people get set in their ways and appreciate the status quo. Cialdini states, “People strive for consistency in their commitments. They also prefer to follow pre-existing attitudes, values and actions.”


The principle of Commitment and Consistency is one of the more complex of the six, as it applies to many different aspects of human nature. For example, consistency can apply to time or routines, as well as, the frequency of actions we are exposed to. One technique salespeople use to move toward closing a sale is to ask a series of questions in which the answer will be yes, this conditions the prospect to thinking and saying ‘yes’ to the actual buy. Another technique is to have a customer sign or agree to some non-binding element of the sales process, like a meeting, a form, or a questionnaire; then they will feel they have entered a commitment and follow through to the final purchase.



3. Social Proof – Another natural human tendency is that people look at what others are doing and base their decisions accordingly. This principle probably developed very early in society or even in tribes, if you will, as a means of survival. If something is good enough or working for their neighbor it must be OK. Are we not attracted to a restaurant or nightclub based on the line outside? It can also relate to adding prestige to an item by creating an air of exclusivity for owning or using it. Another example, the laugh tracks used on situation comedies are used to spur the real audience to laugh or influence at home viewers to perceive the show as funny. The main point Dr. Cialdini makes is that as social creatures we look to our peers for guidance and reassurance.


In terms of persuasion this “follow the leader” or “safety in numbers” mentality is very important to consider in sales and marketing. Probably the most effective method of using social proof is to provide testimonials or endorsements. Having somebody vouch for you or sing the praises of your company either on camera or in print is invaluable. You can also let your work speak for itself by showing what you’ve done for other satisfied customers. This can also be achieved indirectly by showing people similar to your target market using the product; which is a format evidenced in most television advertisements. So when it comes to your business look for ways to allow your existing customers to endorse your service; this is especially effective if the two groups are assembled together at some sort of event or conference. If this is not a practical strategy, emphasize how many people you’ve helped yourself, and of course, always remember the power of testimonials.



4. Liking – This encompasses so much in regard to our emotional vocabulary and how we interact with our world. Simply stated, people would rather buy from or do business with those that they like. Liking can take on many forms, such as knowing somebody personally, having a good feeling toward a person, or even just sharing a common bond with someone based on almost anything. This principle can be expounded on ad infinitum and how it translates into the media and throughout all cultures; and it has been a subject in one form or another in many publications about interpersonal relationships. Suffice it to say, Dr. Cialdini observed this as a major principle of influence.


How can this be used in the world of sales and marketing? Well, you already know this if you have done business with a friend. You probably considered asking a friend or accepted an offer from a friend of a particular thing because they were a friend. How about a stranger? Salesmen are constantly looking for common ground to connect with prospects to increase the buyer-seller bond to hopefully get a sale. Even the largest companies on the grandest scale of advertising attempt to connect with an audience by showing others using the service that are just like them. Sometimes emotions can’t be manipulated or explained, we just like people for different reasons; which is why it is a given to treat customers with respect and kindness.



5. Authority – This premise basically means we are more apt to believe and trust authority figures and experts. It has been observed that even those remotely associated with authority can be seen as experts, as well as, those who just appear to be an authority figure. In our society there are certain indicators of authority and they usually relate to given dress customs; in particular: business suits, uniforms, doctor’s attire, lab coats, and the like. However, one can be perceived as an authority figure based on their overt display of wealth, like owning an expensive car. The same attitude applies to different milieus, for example, the glamorous Liz Taylor launched a successful perfume and brawny boxer George Foreman became the spokesman for an electric hamburger grill. Probably the most widely used example of this is the use of statistics, or even more so, the medical opinions of doctors.


“Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum,” “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.” These are both tag lines from very successful television commercials. The first one for Trident gum states a very vague and random sampling, yet it still makes an impact. The other one features a daytime-drama doctor touting the benefits of cough medicine. It has become so ingrained as a meme in our society it has reached the point of parody, even still, a very effective campaign at the time. People may even follow authority despite the element of danger or the law; in a surprising example highlighted in the book they describe a man on a city street corner crossing unlawfully against the light and against traffic. During part of the experiment he is wearing jeans with a casual shirt, while in the other part he is wearing a business suit. They observed how many people followed behind him then counted the results and the number of people who followed him when he was in the suit increased by 350 percent. Use the principle of authority judiciously and with common sense; if you are promoting rock music maybe feature a guy with a guitar; as for websites, look for associations and seals of approval, like a badge from the Better Business Bureau. Whatever you do let the image you project be congruent with the business you’re in and always be ethical about it.



6. Scarcity – The principle of Scarcity deals with supply and demand and how our desire for something naturally increases as it becomes harder to get. “Buy now before it’s too late!” “Only three more left.” “I have another guy looking at this very car.” Sound familiar? These are all examples that demonstrate the Scarcity principle. Over the years our sophistication and awareness have rapidly evolved so we are now more cognizant than ever when such tactics come into play. However, time and time again I have used and witnessed their effectiveness when utilized in the most truthful and genuine manner; even when the customer is suspicious of being pressured. There are situations when the sale will end and you no longer have the authority to offer something at a certain price, and yes, often more than one party is interested in the same item. Either way, a sense of urgency in addition to there being a limited supply greatly contributes to moving product.


There are many ethical ways to create demand for what you offer, in fact, it is your responsibility as a business owner to present your service as something unique and valuable. You wouldn’t be doing yourself or your customers any favors by glutting the market with cheap and inferior goods available for next to nothing. The way to effectively employ this principle is to offer value and demonstrate that value through the life of your business. It would then follow that by providing exceptional value you will be appreciated more and be a commodity, hence something that is scarce. It is up to you in how to communicate this to others be it by price, unparalleled service, time limit, or exclusivity.



There you have it, the six principles of influence as determined by Dr. Robert Cialdini. These principles or as they are called in certain circles, weapons and secrets; should be at the core of every marketing endeavor. They are, however, not weapons or secrets meant to deceive, misguide, and exploit people’s emotions; but they are designed to be used in a positive way. When misused or abused they are only hurting the practitioner and reflecting poorly upon the organization who does this.


Along with Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” there are many good resources to learn the skills of influence necessary to promote a business. It is important to always strive to hone these skills in order to survive in today’s competitive marketing environment. It is also worth noting how these principles translate to the technical online world. The methods are executed through different channels, but the behavior of human beings remains somewhat constant. What are some examples of influence you use in your business that reflect the six principles of persuasion?


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Getting Your Business Ready For the New Year

pin it button Getting Your Business Ready For the New Year


Getting your business ready for the new year is something that is on all business owner’s minds here at the start of another year. We all have our personal resolutions we either mentally note or begin to actualize in our own way and a business requires the same or even more attention.  As the holidays wind down and we’re still in party mode or just plain worn out it can be challenging to ponder what 2014 will have in store for us. We know the economy is still uncertain but we don’t want to let that damper our enthusiasm for things we have control over and items that need tending to regardless of outside influences.


The end of last year or beginning of the new year should, no matter what, be a time to take action and build an early momentum that will carry you further into the year.  When you set out to tackle a lot of the little things you may have put off, you will gain a certain confidence and sense of accomplishment that is definitely needed now in these difficult times.


Instead of saying things like “This could be the year,” or “Maybe the economy will get better” or “I’m really going to give it my all this year;” go beyond this and take some specific steps toward making it a better year. I would almost certainly say to start with a list. Not just a wish list or some vague resolutions but really devote a few hours of quiet time and focus on what your business is and who you want to serve and how you can serve those clients better and get more clients for the future.


Depending on the size of your organization you may depend on employees, vendors, or outsourced professionals to stay afloat. It is important to know where you stand with them and if everything will continue to run as needed. Let them know how much you appreciate them and give them a “heads up” as to what you expect from them in the coming year. Share your enthusiasm to create a positive outlook everyone can use to fuel the fire of your business as a whole.


Also, how many online accounts are a part of your business? Things like your phone numbers, web host, domains, auto-responders, and social networks should all be checked and maintained so you’re ready to conduct business today, tomorrow, or next week. These kinds of things can sneak up on us or lapse, so year’s end is a good time to at least double check them all.


Of course, the end of the year and the coming new one brings to mind financial and tax matters, so this has to be a concern. Hopefully you or your accountant have kept good records and even if it’s not quite tax time, depending on how you’re set up in that regard, this is an important time to review things. Make sure you are doing things correctly both from a financial and legal point of view. Consult with the necessary professionals to make sure you’re in good shape and look for ways to improve.


It is a good idea to touch base with your current customers and let them know you’re there for them and want to continue to offer them the best service possible. This lets them know you appreciate their business and that you’re willing to go the extra mile. If you have the good fortune of having too large a customer base to contact personally in a short amount of time, then send them an email or letter, just let them know.


In my business I help others build a bigger presence on the web, through a variety of channels like online video, blogging, and social media; in addition to utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and search engine marketing (SEM), unpaid and paid respectively. With all of these different methods to build a business, I must admit, I’ve been my own worst client. I intend to expand on the foundation that I’ve built and start using social media as a primary tool for my own business, Rank High Media.


Now for the fun part, planning your marketing strategy and setting goals. If done correctly, by implementing an effective marketing strategy you may actually exceed your goals. Whether your goals are sales related or customer related, make them as specific and measurable as possible. That is not to say be too realistic, I’m a believer in being a little “unrealistic,” but in goal setting for marketing, keep in mind who you want to reach, how many people you want to reach, and pay particular attention to the response you expect or actually get. If you’re not doing this now consult with us or another marketing professional to help you.



Make 2014 the “Year of Quality Assessment.” Never stop asking yourself and those around you, “What can we do to improve?” Delivering or over delivering is crucial for a business, now more than ever. There is so much competition out there and if you don’t meet the demands of your customer base, they will seek out someone who can. I hope this post has provided you with a little nudge or reminder to help you along with welcoming in this new year. So with that I encourage your input and comments and extend a heartfelt Happy New Year to my readers and clients


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Thank You Sea-Monkeys, GI Joe, and X-Ray Specs

pin it button Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs

comicad5 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray SpecsLove it or hate it, advertising is a huge part of our society. It literally permeates every facet of our lives. While nobody likes to constantly be pitched or sold to we have all grown up being exposed to the same advertisements. Your age determines what ads are your earliest recollected ones and it often brings back vivid memories when we think about them. Sometimes our very opinion of advertising may have been formed at an early age, as to whether we always trust what is promised by them. This healthy skepticism carries over into adolescence then adulthood; as well it should, because having good judgement is important, but sometimes ads are just plain cool.



comicad41 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs

Some of the television ads I remember best are the ones for GI Joe from the early 70′s. Also, I always got a kick out of that Chuck Wagon Dog Food ad when the dog chased the stagecoach across the kitchen, or that Santa riding that razor through the snow around Christmas time. All of these were great but I think the ads that really made the biggest impact were comic book ads. They were so compelling you didn’t care what the product was, you just knew you wanted it.





comicad2 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs

Imagine how fantastic it would be to have live Sea Monkeys in my own bedroom for hours of enjoyment. To have these amazing creatures living in a viewable, self-contained world unto themselves, right there just to entertain me. As I watched them play, frolic, and laugh like some sort of little anthropomorphic humans. Even after being disappointed by what they actually turned out to be, I think the idea of the world that was created in the illustrations in those comics created an overall positive experience to look back on and laugh.




comicad1 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs

Of course Sea Monkeys weren’t the only attraction; there was the 7-foot tall Frankenstein, Hypno-coins and Hand-Buzzers, the plastic Army soldiers… and who can forget the X-Ray glasses? Wow! Will they really work? What about good ole’ Charles Atlas going from wimp to he-man in no time. That little pre-Rocky tale never did fail to inspire us. Then there was the Hovercraft kit; now there’s one I never got to try out. Hmm, never too late.





comicad3 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs


But it didn’t stop with comic books it carried over into other magazine and TV ads. I remember this Koogle Peanut Butter commercial with a giant jar of peanut butter dancing around with googly eyes, it was so funny I had to try it; and when I finally did, the stuff was practically inedible. Luckily some products exceeded their touted greatness; the GI Joe gear was always top notch, there were some really good board games, video games, movies, and candy… Hey, Whatever happen to the $100,000 Bar or Marathon Candy Bars?




This post doesn’t really have any hard-line marketing message, but it does remind me of how powerful advertising can be. I think ethics are important in representing a product accurately but it’s also important to entertain and take the audience on a trip. Even a child really knows those Sea Monkeys aren’t going to play underwater basketball, it’s just part of the escapism and temporary suspension of belief that is part of the fun. Barring any false claims being made or implied, maybe we should take a cue from chidhood when thinking of our next marketing approach.



What are some of your earliest memories of advertisements and how did they affect your opinion of marketing? Did we become acquainted with the sentiment, “if something is too good to be true it probably is.” Especially when the product didn’t measure up to your expectations or if the anticipation was actually greater than obtaining the thing itself. Were you aware of the ad working its magic on you making you want something or do you think it didn’t make much of a difference at all? Please comment and share some of your own experiences.




razorsanta1 Thank You Sea Monkeys, GI Joe, and X Ray Specs


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers and clients!




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Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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localseopic6 Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The number one objective you will accomplish in your Social Media marketing is the ability to deliver your message and communicate that message to a specifically targeted group. In the broadest sense that is to enter geographic information about your business in the available platforms built into search engines for this purpose.




From the search engines perspective the more services they offer and the more comprehensive they are, the more people will use their service. They are a business as well, which is why these services have advanced as they have, so it only makes sense for other businesses to take advantage of the benefits.



Next, but no less important is the credibility you will create for yourself and the trust you will instill in your clients. Just by the interaction that goes on while engaging in social media you create a bond with the people who need your services as well as making yourself available. By becoming more transparent and available you will naturally close the gap that traditionally exist between a buyer and a seller. Gone are the days of in your face marketing. There is still a time and place for creative and aggressive promotion and publicity, but not like previous decades.



A third advantage to your social media engagement is to reach people on an emotional level. When you do this you transcend the typical buyer-seller dynamic and create an emotional bond. We are creatures driven by our emotions and when we break down conventional barriers, we form longer lasting relationships. This will not only improve the perception of your business in your community, it will improve your business’s longevity.



A fourth advantage, and often overlooked, is the ability to educate and demonstrate what your business is and what it can do for people. Through video, pod-casting, photo-sharing ability, and email newsletters; the possibilities are only limited by what you choose to share. When people gain a better understanding of something and it is reinforced by a visual presentation they are more apt to buy. That is a fact, people just become more comfortable and familiar with something and it turns the thought or notion into an action, the action being a purchase.


Lastly, through the previously mentioned steps of action you have implemented, you’ve now created with your public a true motivation to buy or to enlist your services. You now have the right to ask for patronage or to offer goods for sale. There is no need to push or pressure, you have earned and established a bond that makes people want to do business with you. The channels on which you’ll be marketing allow you to carry out this call to action.


It is important to mention that when you do your marketing properly you will have a better relationship with your prospects and future clientele. Consumers are very wise, educated, and hip to all the tricks and gimmicks. Today’s buying public expects to get what they pay for and they expect to be able to find what they need fast. If a company ignores this fact they will not last and will be seen as passe or even worse, sub-standard. An SEO or New Media professional can help any business manage the critical task of your social media marketing and online advertising efforts.


Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from your Social Media Marketing (SMM):


1. General Online Presence – Your information, name, location, phone numbers, email – Entered and indexed online.


2. Your mission statement or message,i.e. Ability to advertise through online channels.


3. Credibility and Trust – Done through participation in the social networks shared by members of the community.


4. Ability to educate and inform through the many channels available like blogging and online video.


5. Call to Action – Informing your market of your offers and services.


6. Your combined efforts will lead to more prospects, customers, sales, and future customers.



To conclude it is also important to realize how important the ongoing aspect of these steps are and by adopting them now it will become second nature in the future. Any financial expenditures made toward arriving at and accomplishing these steps will be well worth it. Money spent on archaic methods can be re-designated toward methods that will yield better results. Combining traditional media with new media can be a winning combination, but relying only on a fading way of publicity and promotion would be a waste.


Contact or call Rank High Media to help get “Your Business Discovered Online!”



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When Did Thanksgiving Begin?

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turkey1 When Did Thanksgiving Begin?

Thanksgiving is here which means the holiday season will be in full swing soon. It’s hard to believe Turkey Day is already here. It goes without saying that it is a time to give thanks and in these trying times that can be difficult; but there is always something to be thankful for and reasons not to take for granted the good things we have in our lives.


It is easy to get bogged down throughout the year, so it really is nice to have a day to celebrate with family and friends and try to put the stresses aside for a while. Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the US and Canada and every family has their own way of celebrating from the big feast, to watching the Macy’s Parade, and of course, watching football.



Did you ever wonder how this great day originated or when it began? You probably remember from elementary school most of the crucial facts about the Pilgrims and Indians coming together to give thanks, but here are some facts and trivia you may or may not know about Thanksgiving.



When did Thanksgiving begin?



The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in the fall of 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


The Pilgrims arrived in America in 1620 and Thanksgiving was a way of thanking the Lord for their lives, as many of their fellow travellers did not survive the voyage.


The ship they sailed on was the Mayflower.


The beverage they brought with them was beer.


Their leader, William Bradford, organized the first Thanksgiving and invited the Wampanoag Indians to the feast.


George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in 1789.


In 1939 President Franklin D. Roosevelt restored the second to last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day so the Christmas shopping season would be longer and help the economy.


Then in 1941 Congress declared the official proclamation in 1941 and made Thanksgiving a legal holiday to be observed on the fourth Thursday of November.


According to the National Turkey Federation and also The Butterball Corporation, about 675 million pounds of turkey is consumed each year on Thanksgiving.


Three NFL games are played on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys games being the most traditional.


Detroit has played on Thanksgiving since 1935 and won 33 out of the 74 games.


Princeton vs. Yale actually began the Thanksgiving football tradition which dates back to 1876.


The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade began in 1924 in New York City.


The oldest balloon in the Macy’s Parade is my favorite, Snoopy.


The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday because this busy start to holiday shopping puts most retailers in the “black” in their profits.



I would like to thank all my website visitors and clients who make all the hard work worthwhile. I hope you enjoy the official kickoff of the holiday season and that you find plenty to be thankful for.

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Fayetteville NC Businesses! What Can Rank High Media Do For Your Online Presence?

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What can Rank High Media do for your small business or organization in Fayetteville NC. Well it breaks down to this, and I’ll use a couple of words I’m not sure are grammatically correct, but “Discoverability” and “Findability.”  You may think you’ve covered all the steps you need to promote your business online and have even dabbled a little in the social media scene. Your intentions may be in the right place but you might need to tie it all together properly; by professionals who can get your service, geographic location, your name, and number in front of the right eyeballs.



We use proven techniques and strategies to adhere to the algorithms of search engines like Bing and Google to rank your online content; be it a website, blog, or social page; and rank it at the top of the search results based on keywords and search queries most commonly (and some not as common) used to find what type of business or profession you are in.


The main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, evaluate web pages based on their credibility and relevance so searchers receive the best results or matches related to that search. There are specific criteria that Google looks for to rank pages on websites.  Not many people can unravel this mystery of the internet and it may seem like a bunch of technical jargon, but they do reveal a lot of the rules and what the automated crawlers look for on every page as part of this evaluation.


Through our network of experienced professionals we can create the necessary content and distribute it through the web in a “white hat” manner; which means no weird tactics or computer trickery which will leave material coming from you and what you own on a search engine’s black list, in the hands of a lesser qualified professional.

socmedialogospic Fayetteville NC Businesses!  What Can Rank High Media Do For Your Online Presence?


What content you ask? Relevant text and materials about you and your service that the search engines love.  By abiding by the rules set forth by the search engines and the distributing content about you and your service, correctly and abundantly; you will not only just have the web presence you need, but you’ll have a more wide spread influence across your industry.



So when you show up on the radar, so to speak, the more customers and clients there are for you. How do we do this? It’s like the difference between two guys with a wrench and only one fixes the motor. It’s knowing where to tap. There are certain platforms everyone knows about and they are part of the equation.



We start out with maps optimization to make sure you’re where you absolutely need to be first. With the recent changes in the indexes this is a crucial step. Another step, of course, is the social media marketing aspect of the strategy in the integration and participation in the social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They each have their own nuances and they all need to be utilized in the right way and tied together properly to maximize your results.



Search Engine Optimization or SEO is yet another all around aspect of the game plan; and this is done by adjusting the content of your web pages to adhere to and attract a favorable rating and response and send your site higher and higher. Also, search engines monitor each other and are in competition themselves, so there are things you can do to save you time and avoid mistakes, so you get better ranking on all the search engines, as well as learning about the ongoing process of staying in the public eye.



We are also on the cutting edge of new media and different ways to promote your business that bring in new customers for the future. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in either. We can employ Pay-per-Click campaigns, email campaigns incorporated with a newsletter to your mailing list. Mobile marketing campaigns that are text-based or video and let you remind customers about your specials and offers, whenever you want to.



Mobile is fast becomming the prefered method of marketing for top industries bsed on the high open and reponse rate. How much is something like this worth to a business? How much did you spend on your yellow pages ad or newspaper and radio ads last year? You can cut that in half or out all together because people are using the internet for their main source of information and tangible goods.



You really didn’t advertise in the yellow pages because you wanted to or because it would make you the biggest company in the country. You did it because you had to and you knew in or to be found by someone thumbing through the phonebook, you had to have an ad. When potential customers can’t find you online, you’re giving up a huge chunk of your market. Online marketing is absolutely essential, which I think you already know.



We look forward to having a consultation with you to answer any questions and discuss your concerns and marketing expectations. The sooner you decide to get started the sooner we can start getting your strategy into motion so you can start to see results. Not only search results (internet geek humor) but results to your bottom line. And remember, if you don’t like what we’re doing you can always fire us.


Contact Rank High Media today about setting up a free consultation, so you can get “Your Business Discovered Online!”

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