RHMlogoandphonenum11 AboutWelcome to Rank High Media. com.  It is our goal to bring you internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization tips for this wild and wonderful odyssey that is new media. We focus on the available web 2.0 technology, social media networks, online video, web promotion, marketing, advertising and the myriad of other platforms available to the modern business  operation.

Wading through all of this can be confusing and overwhelming, but ignoring the necessity to create an online presence can be detrimental to your business.  The difference between not marketing online and going ahead and taking the steps to get your business name and number out there where you can be found is the difference between success, failure or just eking by.



Yes there are thousands of companies on the web that offer similar services and make great claims.  Some deliver and some do not.  Some are better and far more experienced, but the important thing is to work with someone you like and trust.  More importantly it is important to be found or discovered online when that new customer is looking for what you can offer them.  Rank High Media can point you in the right direction and get you started or help you tie together what you’ve already started. And yes, your teenager may have the skills to get you going and that’s great, but do you really want to put your business expectations on your child.


RHM specializes in helping the local businesses of Fayetteville gain online exposure and achieve high page ranking and dominance in your field, verticle or area of expertise.  We also feature an array of tools, techniques, resources, advertising options, marketing suggestions, affiliate marketing, and many other opportunities.  Every kind of business owner or internet marketer will benefit from learning to attract the very customers who may be looking for you in the first place, but you need to be there to answer the door when they knock.


Getting started online and in new media is not as hard as you think and it will be fun watching as new leads and customers start popping up seemingly out of thin air.  We are surely in tough economic times and it is crucial to make every dollar count.  This counts.  It’s time to get online and start developing an online presence. Let us help you get started with a campaign today so you can see how a small investment can grow in the long run.


RHM thinks about the customers’ needs first.  If there is something that is out of our general area of expertise we’re more than happy to refer you to the capable and dependable experts in our network.  Please feel free to visit RHM anytime, I hope you will find many items of interest that may help you, interest you, inform you, or even entertain you.  So please come back often to see what’s happening in this part of cyberspace.  Rank High Media started in 2008 and an old dated page is still online which shows how it was on the cutting edge of using new media.  We don’t claim to be the biggest or the best or the smartest computer guru and believe me they’re out there.  We just know we can help you develop and implement very effective marketing methods and strategies to get YOUR BUSINESS DISCOVERED ONLINE!


To know more about the founder and creator of RHM, James Broadfoot or Jay to friends; read my bio below, search me online, and check back often to see what projects are in the works.  Take a look at any of the PACKAGES that may interest you or contact us about answering your questions, concerns or getting started with a campaign or consultation.  It is my philosophy to do business in a way that I expect from other businesses. I’ll say again, I’m certainly not the most knowledgeable or super-technical wizard but I do have a varied background of experience, keep my eye on the future, and have a knack for spotting emerging trends. I hope to help you do the same. Thanks for visiting Rank High Media.



Jaypic11 229x300 AboutJames Broadfoot has extensive and varied experience in many fields ranging from the creative to the technical.  He holds a BA in Communication from North Carolina State University with a minor in Journalism.  He has worked in video production,  film, advertising, sales, web promotion, and written for several publications on a freelance basis. As a blogger and internet marketer he runs several small businesses and websites and considers life a work in progress that requires staying up to date on cultural and technological trends.

I’ve always been drawn to the news media, pop culture, technology, entertainment, and people; so after college I worked in the video and media arena for several companies in Reserch Triangle Park, NC.  This was an incredible learning experience which set the foundation for my future path.  During this time I was exposed to and worked with some of the most cutting edge, technological breakthroughs of the time.  Inter-continental video conferencing, editing equipment, top of the line cameras, audio, electronics, and of course the birth of the internet.

Throughout these years I was also a Naval Reservist and was activated into the Navy where I served with the Seabees.  This phase in my life really satisfied my adventurous side which has led me to things like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, white water rafting, martial arts, skydiving, and the outdoors in general.  I still push myself in all areas of my life.  Over the years, maybe it’s age, my passions have shifted toward a more intellectual bent and I’ve developed a thirst for knowledge, learning, reading, and the desire to achieve more in life and make a contribution.  The military was not a lifelong fit so after my time was up I decided to take a detour from conventional career paths and pursue an acting career in California.

During this time in Los Angeles I started to get in touch with what is fundamentally important as to being fulfilled as a human being and making some sort of contribution to the world wherever you can.  While working in the entertainment industry I got jobs as a film extra, actor, grip, waiter, messenger, parking valet, and whatever else was available. I even worked at the Playboy Mansion, the Hollywood Bowl, the Oscars and at many other red carpet celebrity functions.  It was a blast.

After years of living as a struggling artist I turned to the sales force just to make more money really and found the skills or natural attributes to thrive in this kind of work.  I developed a thick skin and could relate well to people not to mention the life experiences I’d gained that gave me the discipline and drive needed to excel.  I became a student of all that was sales, advertising, and marketing and began to use this knowledge to sell and close.  I sold advertising, home improvement services, vacation packages, furniture, and cars; all of which I did very well while developing an understanding of what people want.  This was a very important learning experience applying these skills not only in work but to other areas of my life.

I soon went back to my technology roots and dove into the internet because we all know it is the new frontier.  This new endeavor keeps me busy and stimulates most of the facets of my personality and intellectual thirsts.  I’ve become very well versed in the pulse of technology, media, and what is next on the horizon.  Getting reaquainted with all the new technology has not been easy but it has been challenging and exciting, Which brings us to the present.

I now live in my home state and foresee our internet media bridging with the mainstream media more and more.  I have many projects and plans in the works and have met so many great people through social media and feel great about the future.  I currently work as both a freelance and professional writer and new media consultant.  I’m also shopping a recently completed screenplay and operate several blogs and websites.   My focuses are on copywriting, video production, search engine optimization, online advertising, blogging, and new media in general.  Feel free to search me, as I have a great deal of material online and consider myself capable of helping any organization with their marketing efforts.  So until our path cross… Enjoy the odyssey!





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