Blogs vs Websites For a Local Business

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There is no doubt that the internet is a very useful platform for the thousands of online businesses which directly depend on it for growth. These businesses have to develop blogs or websites from where they will execute their internet marketing agendas. With a blog or website, it becomes even easier for internet users to locate these businesses over the net.


So, what is the difference between a blog and a website?  Is there a particular advantage in developing either a blog or website, or both for your business?  Well, keep reading this post because it explicitly shows why local business blogging is more beneficial to your business than relying on a
website alone.



To begin with, it is essential to understand that there is a subtle difference between blogs and websites when it comes to online businesses. The difference is particularly technical and deals with how data is presented on both platforms. Blogs are used to display numerous dynamic posts which may cover a variety of topics while a website is mainly used to display static information which does not need to change as often.  Besides this, blogs provide a commenting system which allows visitors to write their views, are updated almost on a daily basis and are frequently crawled by search engines. Websites rarely have these features.



Now that the difference between a blog and website is clear, here are several reasons why your business needs a blog more than it needs a website.



Boosts your SEO 

Online businesses cannot do without effective search engine optimization strategies. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo which are key to the success of online businesses consider blogs more than they do with websites before determining how to rank your business. Therefore, if your business has an active blog, chances are that it will be ranked highly, thus getting you more traffic and customers



Improves your social media presence

Unlike websites, blogs improve your social media presence because every time you share an interesting post, it stands the chance of generating a huge readership especially when it is shared on the social media.  A huge number of views for your posts definitely improve your social media presence, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.



Builds an online community

Building an online community for your business is essential because it helps you to know your customers and work towards creating a relationship with them. Through local business blogging, you will be able to attract like-minded individuals from all over to blog with, and whom you can connect and share beneficial ideas.  Nurturing a community is just as important to a business as it is to find and maintain customers.



Builds traffic to your website

This point particularly addresses the fact of already having a website or having both a blog and a site for your business. In this case, a blog can easily build and send traffic to your website which could increase the number of sales your business makes.  A blog which is well linked to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn builds traffic to your business, thereby enhancing its online presence.



Increases your credibility

The fact that there are thousands of brands with blogs over the internet makes it hard for consumers to distinguish between credible and bogus businesses.  However, with a professional blog representing your business it becomes very easy for internet users to associate themselves with your brand because the blog ups your credibility.  You become more accessible and transparent and get to know your customers better.



Overall, a blog does more good for your business than a website does.  Though, this does not mean that you only develop one over the other for your business. The two can work together to the benefit of your business and a blog can be a complement to your website. Unlike bloggers who do not necessarily need websites to spearhead their interests, your business cannot manage to work without either a blog or website. Nonetheless, you should give more prominence to local business blogging.  Generally a blog is more flexible and the better choice if you had to choose only one.


To conclude, it is essential for you to let an experienced professional create a business blog for you in such a way that it is well equipped with the tools which will enable it to compete with the multitude of other blogs which are already online. A professional is aware of the current search engine optimization trends and will undoubtedly develop a blog which will lead your business to greater growth.



Blogs vs. Websites.  Blogs are the clear winner!



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