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Technological advances, new products, or changes that affect marketing online. Product reviews of hardware, software, and cool gadgets of benefit to internet marketers.

Benefits of HootSuite for Business

In the context of doing business online, merchants are interested in having applications that will facilitate the delivery of product related information to the consumer population. This usually applies in affiliate marketing where affiliates have been striving to advertise merchandise … Continue reading

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The Origin of Search and Its Impact | History of Search Infographic

I recently stumbled upon this incredible infographic which shows the inception of the internet and the progression of Search to the present day. Most of us knew the World Wide Web was something that would affect our lives and present … Continue reading

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Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Video Tutorial) | Keyword Research | Keyword Strategy Series Part III

When using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool you do not actually have to create a real Adwords PPC campaign; although this is why it was designed.  What you’re doing is getting ideas and information in the form of keyword phrases … Continue reading

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Top Ten Cloud Based Services

  In my last post I gave an overview of Cloud Computing as a whole and some of the different kinds of cloud computing there are. This post is a short list, more or less, that shows some places where … Continue reading

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What Is Cloud Computing?

When “Cloud Computing” is mentioned, the first thing that pops into most peoples’ minds is, simply, “What is it? Is this another one of those hi-tech computer terms again?”   What most people may not realize is that they are using … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones and Their Impact on Business

Ten years ago, people did not even consider using mobile phones for their marketing campaigns and efforts in growing their businesses. Like, for example, social media marketing, it wasn’t given a second thought. Now, the research shows that 69% of … Continue reading

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Stay Informed with Google Alerts | Google Alerts Tutorial

Google Alerts is a great tool to help stay informed about areas of interest to you. It’s a free service connected to your Gmail account and can be set up in minutes. You simply choose the keywords and then your … Continue reading

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How to Make Videos Without a Camera

Creating Simple Sales Videos Increases traffic. Video is an amazing in tool in all marketers’ toolboxes and every business should learn to take advantage of using video as a promotional tool. It is good to have several videos online working … Continue reading

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