Creating a Business Game Plan

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gameplan1 Creating a Business Game Plan

Creating a business game plan is paramount when tackling new challenges, especially when you’re starting a new business.  So it’s important to develop some work habits to get you in motion and in a performance mode of accomplishing tasks.  This is true of an offline business, online business, or any other worthwhile undertaking. Whether you want to write a book, train for a marathon, or sell candles online a game plan is necessary.




You might not relish the idea of imposing more responsibilities on your already hectic life; or you may feel you just don’t have the time. Make time.  We’re all allotted the same number of hours in a day, it’s just a matter of maximizing the time we do have.  It begins with planning and organization.  They can be small steps but the key is to start and to be consistent and to build momentum.


This may or may not require major sacrifice, it really depends on the desired outcome and what kind of expectations you have. However, it should never really be considered a sacrifice even though most rewards come with a built-in pricetag.  In other words, you can’t get something for nothing and you shouldn’t expect to.



 Creating a Business Game Plan



Let’s start with an actual workspace. It depends on how you work, but it is imperative to have a headquarters.  It may be at your computer, home office, or on your bed.  You might draw energy from being around others, like working in the corner of your family room.  You may be flexible, and you should be, as to when and where you work; but a primary station will provide an anchor for you to stay organized and motivated.


Now a time to devote to your project.  You may feel you don’t know when or how to do this. Ideally a consistent schedule will work best.  You may not be a morning person or your schedule just might seem too full.  However you decide to do this, look on it as your time, a gift you create for yourself.  Remember to start small and build to greater productivity. An extra hour or two in the morning or before you go to bed can add up to a significant amount.


Whatever time you choose, allow it to jibe with your natural rhythms so you are excited about what you’re doing.  Once you find a time that’s right, and you will; start making a schedule for yourself.  Again, be flexible. Once you have a center or reference point you’ll find it much easier to vary from it when necessary.


Become a list maker. If you try to take on everything you’ll get very little done. Prioritize what you need to get done by starting with the most important items.  If you’ve begun an internet venture, obviously you want some sort of blog, website, or social network set up.  If you offer any kind of product or service, you’ll want to make sure that product is ready for delivery and you control those channels.


Choose your battles. In other words, if something is causing you extreme frustration it is either something you should seek help with or something that is just wasting your time and energy.  You are in the driver seat and there is no need to focus on too many things that create confusion.  Tackle the important tasks and those that bring you the greatest satisfaction.


For example, if writing creatively drives you the most, then focus on the content you’re able to offer to others.  Maybe it’s making connections on the social networks, or recording audio presentations, or making phone calls, or creating motivational videos. Maybe you’re in a learning phase?  Then take the time to learn and review the abundance of training material available online, which brings up another point.


Never stop being a student. You will never know all there is to know and there will always be more to learn and people to learn from no matter what field you’re in.  The ones who keep their minds open and maintain that thirst for knowledge are the ones who last and excel.  Be patient and know that every step you take is a step closer to where you want to be.


By developing a steady work habit, consistency, and patience, you won’t burn yourself out.  Trying to take on too much can be overwhelming.  Work until your satisfied with your own efforts and have accomplished a few meaningful tasks. Stopping at a point where there is work left undone is inevitable and a good idea.  It gets you motivated for the next session and allows you to hit the ground running the next time.  This is a writing technique used to battle writer’s block and it works for mastering workloads also.


I hope you’ve gathered some insight as to how to make a game plan and the importance in doing so.  I happen to be of the school of diving in, forging ahead, and not being afraid to fail.  Organization is crucial, but never be a prisoner to your own schedule. So dive in, get started, and learn from your mistakes along the way as you get closer and closer to where you want to be.


pin it button Creating a Business Game Plan
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