Do You Own Your Business Or Does Your Business Own You?

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Stressedguyatcomputer Do You Own Your Business Or Does Your Business Own You?Time can be your enemy or time can be your friend but the bottom line is we’re all allotted the same amount of it to do everything that needs done. Running a business is obviously one of the most challenging and time consuming endeavors in our lives.


Like the title implies, an important consideration is, do you run your business or does it run you? Of course it is a little of both, sacrifice and some around the clock dedication are what’s needed to make your business a success, but it doesn’t have to occupy your every waking thought and action or it will run you down.



Learning to strike a balance with your time is the key to preventing burnout and increasing the longevity of your business. This includes personal responsibilities, family obligations, community involvement, and leisure time. Managing your time in a more efficient way will not only positively affect your business practices, but you’ll likely be healthier and happier as a result of it.


During college I learned a study tip that I didn’t always follow but it applies to more than school. “Study long – study wrong” was the mantra, which basically means to break up your studying into smaller chunks of time rather than long cram sessions or “all-nighters.” This can also be applied to work.


Now we all know that sometimes we have to put the hours in to finish projects and deadlines, it’s unavoidable. But in developing good work habits it is better to divide your workload into smaller tasks. Do this by prioritizing them, and don’t always do the most important thing first unless you have to.


Mixing up your workload allows you to build up incredible momentum which will lead to greater productivity. Take frequent breaks either to collect your thoughts, rest, meditate, or exercise. Sort of like the above tip, remembering to breathe and “smell the coffee” helps you recharge and improves your focus when you do get back on task.


Furthermore, if any kind of exercise is your chosen diversion, you’ll not only be getting your exercise in, but studies show that exercise oxygenates the brain which leads to better concentration. Also, be sure to make time for friends and family. There will be times when this does not seem practical, but stay true to this and you’ll find you’re better off in the long run.


pin it button Do You Own Your Business Or Does Your Business Own You?
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  1. Debbie Gragg says:

    Good advice! Here’s a fave quote of mine that is on point! “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” ~ Robert Fulgham

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