Fayetteville NC Businesses! What Can Rank High Media Do For Your Online Presence?

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What can Rank High Media do for your small business or organization in Fayetteville NC. Well it breaks down to this, and I’ll use a couple of words I’m not sure are grammatically correct, but “Discoverability” and “Findability.”  You may think you’ve covered all the steps you need to promote your business online and have even dabbled a little in the social media scene. Your intentions may be in the right place but you might need to tie it all together properly; by professionals who can get your service, geographic location, your name, and number in front of the right eyeballs.



We use proven techniques and strategies to adhere to the algorithms of search engines like Bing and Google to rank your online content; be it a website, blog, or social page; and rank it at the top of the search results based on keywords and search queries most commonly (and some not as common) used to find what type of business or profession you are in.


The main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, evaluate web pages based on their credibility and relevance so searchers receive the best results or matches related to that search. There are specific criteria that Google looks for to rank pages on websites.  Not many people can unravel this mystery of the internet and it may seem like a bunch of technical jargon, but they do reveal a lot of the rules and what the automated crawlers look for on every page as part of this evaluation.


Through our network of experienced professionals we can create the necessary content and distribute it through the web in a “white hat” manner; which means no weird tactics or computer trickery which will leave material coming from you and what you own on a search engine’s black list, in the hands of a lesser qualified professional.

socmedialogospic Fayetteville NC Businesses!  What Can Rank High Media Do For Your Online Presence?


What content you ask? Relevant text and materials about you and your service that the search engines love.  By abiding by the rules set forth by the search engines and the distributing content about you and your service, correctly and abundantly; you will not only just have the web presence you need, but you’ll have a more wide spread influence across your industry.



So when you show up on the radar, so to speak, the more customers and clients there are for you. How do we do this? It’s like the difference between two guys with a wrench and only one fixes the motor. It’s knowing where to tap. There are certain platforms everyone knows about and they are part of the equation.



We start out with maps optimization to make sure you’re where you absolutely need to be first. With the recent changes in the indexes this is a crucial step. Another step, of course, is the social media marketing aspect of the strategy in the integration and participation in the social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They each have their own nuances and they all need to be utilized in the right way and tied together properly to maximize your results.



Search Engine Optimization or SEO is yet another all around aspect of the game plan; and this is done by adjusting the content of your web pages to adhere to and attract a favorable rating and response and send your site higher and higher. Also, search engines monitor each other and are in competition themselves, so there are things you can do to save you time and avoid mistakes, so you get better ranking on all the search engines, as well as learning about the ongoing process of staying in the public eye.



We are also on the cutting edge of new media and different ways to promote your business that bring in new customers for the future. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in either. We can employ Pay-per-Click campaigns, email campaigns incorporated with a newsletter to your mailing list. Mobile marketing campaigns that are text-based or video and let you remind customers about your specials and offers, whenever you want to.



Mobile is fast becomming the prefered method of marketing for top industries bsed on the high open and reponse rate. How much is something like this worth to a business? How much did you spend on your yellow pages ad or newspaper and radio ads last year? You can cut that in half or out all together because people are using the internet for their main source of information and tangible goods.



You really didn’t advertise in the yellow pages because you wanted to or because it would make you the biggest company in the country. You did it because you had to and you knew in or to be found by someone thumbing through the phonebook, you had to have an ad. When potential customers can’t find you online, you’re giving up a huge chunk of your market. Online marketing is absolutely essential, which I think you already know.



We look forward to having a consultation with you to answer any questions and discuss your concerns and marketing expectations. The sooner you decide to get started the sooner we can start getting your strategy into motion so you can start to see results. Not only search results (internet geek humor) but results to your bottom line. And remember, if you don’t like what we’re doing you can always fire us.


Contact Rank High Media today about setting up a free consultation, so you can get “Your Business Discovered Online!”

pin it button Fayetteville NC Businesses!  What Can Rank High Media Do For Your Online Presence?
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