Flipping Websites | Buying and Selling Websites For a Profit

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website4sale Flipping Websites | Buying and Selling Websites For a ProfitBuying and selling websites has become another excellent source of income for online entrepreneurs.  Everyone knows the value of flipping real estate, well flipping cyber-property or flipping websites is very much the same principle.  Instead of rehabbing houses or property and selling them for a profit you are looking for gems in cyberspace and flipping them for a profit.


There are many ways to find these sites and many ways to sell them once you’re ready.  One such place is Flippa.com, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling websites.  Flippa is an excellent resource for both buyers and sellers and has sold over $90 million worth of web property to date.  It was started by Sitepoint but became its own entity in 2009.


One technique many web developers use is to develop a website from scratch with the initial intention of selling it.  There is a strong market for this because people are looking for different types of websites or blogs to use for different purposes and often don’t want to spend the time and money doing it themselves.  They may want it for their primary hub of business, as an addition to a network of sites they already have, or they may want to resell it again.


Another popular technique is to buy an expired domain or abandoned website that may have web traffic trying to find it or linking to it so when it is refreshed and brought back to life it becomes more valuable. Many of the sites are ‘pre-monetized,’ meaning either the webmaster created it as a profit center to make it more attractive to sell or they may just not want to continue maintaining and promoting a particular site and are willing to pass it on.


Again, a buyer may be looking for an established business that has a proven track record so they’re willing to pay more for a site with this built-in revenue.  They could also find a site that may not be as valuable but has the potential to be profitable.  A buyer should realize before buying a site that is currently showing a profit is doing so because of various factors.  The new owner of a recently purchased site will have to maintain, promote, and keep the site current for its success to continue.


As a seller, Flippa gives you a place to showcase your sites to potential buyers and sell them on their bidding platform.  Even though websites are the main focus, domain names are also included, as they have a value unto themselves as well.  Website flipping used to be a much more complex process but now is much easier.  There are still some steps that you have to go through because you are exchanging ownership of a property, but it is well worth it to investigate the field of flipping websites.


On a Projects Page Here  I’ve showcased a few sites I’m currently working on.


Feel free to leave some comments or offer any suggestions on the subject of flipping websites or domain names.



pin it button Flipping Websites | Buying and Selling Websites For a Profit
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  1. David says:

    Great article on the subject of buying and selling websites. In addition to Flippa.com there are many other places to buy and sell. Here is a list of a few more. http://www.buyingandsellingwebsites.com/top-places-to-buy-and-sell-websites/

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