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Foursquare and Its Benefits To Businesses 

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Businesses nowadays need to know traditional forms of marketing have less of a success rate than they used to. As a business owner you need to stay competitive in order to survive in the marketing landscape. It’s not enough for business owners to rely on old marketing techniques to provide customers with an engaging marketing experience. Customers, after all, are people and they love to be engaged. If you take a look at recent statistics you’ll find that 90% of the total number of individuals have some form of social media in play, as people want to belong to what they buy and to establish a bond.


What Is Foursquare?


Foursquare is a smartphone application that makes the patronage of a business fun for customers. In simple words you can consider it an electronic customer loyalty program where your business patrons will attempt to outdo one another by seeing who checks in the most. This platform works, as it balances the natural curiosity of social media networkers by displaying the name and location of businesses where they and their friends currently are.

Since this platform works on mobile devices, everyone can simply update where they are, comment on their location, or even recommend services and places to their networking friends if they see fit. This social application also goes beyond the broadcast of one’s location. It permits users to earn coupons, badges, points and even titles. It also encourages users to comment on where they are so that they can make recommendations and release warnings depending on the business they are at.


Why Foursquare?


In order to get a competitive edge in the market it is very important for you to be aware that Foursquare is a coupon, promotion, game, and digital wallet in a single package. This is the perfect social media for businesses of all types. This platform integrates with Twitter and Facebook and the gaming feature of the site encourages individuals to share when they arrive at a business. For instance they can deliver free advertising to patrons of your friends who have “businesses.” There is another cool feature of this platform and that is patrons can become a ‘mayor’ if they make frequent visits.


Benefits Of Foursquare


There are four ways on how your business can benefit from Foursquare as a promotional and marketing platform:


1. You can create attractive deals and offers for your business. By doing this you enhance the loyalty of existing customers while attracting new ones and creating a stronger customer base.


2. You can also supervise and monitor foot traffic of your customers as it permits businesses the ability to get access to statistics in a dashboard that is easy to use.


3. You are able to get a powerful insight on what works with your targeted audience and what doesn’t work.


4. You are able to earn free referrals and get the benefits of marketing and promotional mileage for your business.


Since this application is free you do not have to spend lots of money on traditional marketing tools for your business and it helps you save money. A New Media professional can answer any questions you have and help get you set up in using Foursquare.


Fayetteville NC Businesses can benefit greatly by contacting Rank High Media to help you get your business set up with Foursquare.



pin it button Foursquare For Local Business Advertising
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