Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Video Tutorial) | Keyword Research | Keyword Strategy Series Part III

pin it button Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Video Tutorial) | Keyword Research | Keyword Strategy Series Part III

When using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool you do not actually have to create a real Adwords PPC campaign; although this is why it was designed.  What you’re doing is getting ideas and information in the form of keyword phrases that are generated after the most basic of topics are entered.  It helps to go ahead and log in because there are a few key features you can access when you do, such as the average cost per click indicator.


When you enter a term it will offer you a page of results and data along with some suggested words.  Sometimes you can immediately discard some phrases and often it will come up with combinations that you would never have thought of.  These results are indicated by columns and bar graphs which become easier to read the more you use the tool.  When you do find a magic combination this tells you to have a likely phrase to target and work with to include in your web content and ads while building a marketing strategy or advertising campaign.


Once you’ve done the research and come up with a list of keyword search terms, save them in Notepad or a file and label them with the topic they pertain to so they’ll be handy when you need them.  Now you can implement your diligence to work for you by applying these keywords in your blog post, articles, content, and ads.  It is also essential for sufficient keyword placement in your titles and tags.  Start sentences and paragraphs with keywords, disperse the phrases throughout your content while not overloading or being redundant redundant.


Also underline, bold, and italicize the phrases of your subject a few times.  It is really best just to write naturally while emphasizing your main points and the keywords will just naturally flow into your writing.  When search engines detect consistencies among all these elements it tends to give it more credibility, besides it becomes a more specific piece and is deemed relevant to the search engines and they rank it.


Once you start showing up or ranking for these words you know it’s working so this should tell you to step up your content output and ad placement or at the very least keep doing what you’re doing.   I hope this series on keyword strategy has been informative and of value in learning about some of the SEO and keyword tools online.


Here is a two part video tutorial I made that demonstrates how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool | Video Tutorial Part I


Google Adwords Keyword Tool Video Tutorial Part II




pin it button Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Video Tutorial) | Keyword Research | Keyword Strategy Series Part III
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