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Benefits Of Local Businesses Registering With Google Plus Local


Google is the top dog when it comes to search engines, therefore, it is in your best business interest to make Google know more about you and the business you specialize in. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by submitting your local business to the Google Plus Local Business Center.



There are many immediate benefits you will see after submitting to Google Plus Local. The main ones are:


1. Google tends to give your business greater authority as they know it is a real business providing you with better search engine rankings for your keywords.


2. Adding your business to Google Maps helps potential customers to find you instantly. They can, via this technique, also find out more about you. In fact, today one of the hottest trends to find local businesses in the area is by Google Maps.


3. The insertion of specific keywords into the description of your business helps you get noticed faster. There are keywords like “retirement specialist,” “CPA,” “lawyer,” “jeweler,” “wedding planner,” etc.  This gives you a competitive edge over those who have just their names mentioned.


4. With an entry in Google Plus Local Business Center you are able to have better control over your business information like the name, phone number, hours of operation and address.


5. Google permits you to see how customers find you through the Google Dashboard. For instance, you can know if a customer came from Google Maps while searching with the keywords typed. This lets you optimize marketing efforts to a very large extent.


6. Adding a picture of your office allows you to appear in Google Maps so that new customers can identify your building and it makes it easier for them to find you.


7. It encourages customers to rate and review your services, thus, it is of benefit to you.


8. With the listing in Google Plus Local Business Center you get a ROI that is an infinite one, as it is free.



With the above benefits you are able to get higher page ranks on Google. This means more inbound traffic is attracted. It is easier for you to convert leads into sales with greater success. The position of your business also rises higher while other businesses drop lower. Local pages are indexed and people are able to get listings they are looking for with ease. Here digital word of mouth works and it spreads like wildfire, so customers find you easily. Besides this, the customer ratings of your business also increases greatly.


It just takes fifteen minutes for you to sign your local business up with Google Plus Local Business Center. All you have to do is create an account. With this account you are able to monitor how customers are getting to your website. This makes it easier for you to optimize your marketing efforts. The more information you gather the better you can grow your business into a more profitable one.


Talk to a New Media professional about submitting your business information into Google Plus LocalRank High Media of Fayetteville NC can help you with any questions you may have.


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3 Responses to Google Plus Local for Your Business

  1. Susan Walsh says:

    Nice ariticle on Google+ Local. The only item on your list I might not do is #5, adding certifications to the end of the business name. We always go by the “DBA” to be safe. Google’s guidelines are strick, here’s what they say about the business name:

    Business Name: Represent your business exactly as it appears in the offline world.

    - Do not include marketing taglines in your business name.
    -Do not include phone numbers or URLs in the business name field, unless they are part of your business name.
    -Do not attempt to manipulate search results by adding extraneous keywords or a description of your business in the business name field.
    -Some businesses may be located within a mall or a container store, which is a store that contains another business. If your business is within a container store or mall, and you’d like to include this information in your listing, specify the container store in parentheses in the business name field. For example, Starbucks (inside Safeway).

    It may take 15 minutes to claim or add your business to Google+ Local, but it take a bit more time to research your keywords for the business description, write the business description (200 characters), decide on which photos you will use, and put a plan in place to ask your clients to review your page once it’s live (verified).

    Once again, really good reasons why Google+ Local is beneficial to any local business.


  2. James Broadfoot says:

    Thanks Susan, upon review and to avoid misunderstanding I’m going to edit/shorten my list. Please drop by anytime. I appreciate the input.

  3. Skipper says:

    It seems that adding your business to Google + Local is a no brainer! Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I’ve been spending most of my online marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter, but I think Google + deserves more attention. I do wonder how often people still use search engines now. I mean, I know they use them, but perhaps they have peaked?

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