Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates and How They Relate to Your Business

pin it button Googles Panda and Penguin Updates and How They Relate to Your Business

PandaPenguin Googles Panda and Penguin Updates and How They Relate to Your Business


This post is an overview of the algorithm updates Google has concerning how they rate and rank web pages which are known as the Panda and Penguin Updates.  It is important to be aware of these so as to maintain good standing in your page ranking ability.  This is especially important if you market online or have a business website and you want to continue to have the ability to be found online without unknowingly committing infractions that may hurt your business.




These have been occurring over the last couple of years and have made a huge impact on the SEO community.  If you are a reader of this blog or a client I just want to include this post to inform you of them and let you know I’m certainly aware of them and conduct my business operations accordingly.


As a website owner or web marketer it is vital to know about Google Panda and Penguin updates.  In fact, these updates are the most critical updates that have taken place in the past two years affecting about 15% of the existing websites either making them drop or get high ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


These updates have actually led many web marketers to rethink their search engine optimization strategies so that they’re in sync with the new algorithm of Google and websites compliant so as not to drop in ranking.  In case, your website was not affected by any of these updates it is important for you to know and learn about them so that you can safeguard your website from the negative effects of these updates.


The first step to these Google updates is to know what update has interfered with your website.  Now, all you have to do is collect data and analyze it carefully. The best way to analyze is to check the date the website suffered traffic losses.  It was found that critical Panda updates took place on 24th January 2011, 11th April 2011, 18th November 2011 and 19th April 2012.  If your website or blog had traffic losses on one of the above dates or dates close to them this means you were hit by these updates.


The Google Panda update lowers the SERP power of the websites that have thin content. on the other hand, this update was ideal for removing content and its original name was FARMER.  It was also seen that some websites, on the other hand, stuffed with keywords and having thin content were affected by this update as well. This further led even one or two pages dropping under Panda requirements.


If you are an internet web marketer and wish to escape these stern updates it is essential for you to deliver content with no keyword stuffing rich in information. Google Penguin, also hit websites severely where there were optimized using black hat SEO techniques like web spamming and keyword stuffing. Besides them, those websites that were considered to be a violation to the quality guidelines specified by Google also decreased in their ranks.


The other elements that led to the website being penalized by a Panda update were excessive comments on those external sites with the same anchor text(exact-match) This same principle is used when articles are published to article directories using the same anchor text. In order to stop these Panda updates it is necessary to completely cease posting websites in website directories or purchasing exact-match domains.


Thus, in order to completely avoid negative effects in SERPs caused by Google Panda or Penguin updates, your website should not have thin content, no use of exact-match anchor text and no insertion in website directories or inbound links from questionable “link farms”.  Keeping the above three points in mind will help you in a large way to cease the negative effects of Google Panda and Penguin updates effectively.


An SEO Professional is what you need to get past any problems you may have with these updates.   An SEO pro knows exactly how to get traffic to your website and they know all the rules of Panda and Penguin and are able to avoid all the pitfalls.  Once your website is flagged there is nothing you can do about it other than fix your content and wait until the next time it does a run through and hope that you will “pass inspection.”  Rank High Media of Fayetteville NC can help you out so the problem doesn’t come back again and again.



pin it button Googles Panda and Penguin Updates and How They Relate to Your Business
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