How to Increase Your Online Propinquity

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Propinquity is the kinship developed in interpersonal relationships based on nearness, geographical proximity, common interests or shared environments. A familiarity is developed and, thus, it forms a stronger bond among the people who have this commonality. People who work together, restaurant regulars, neighbors, townspeople, sports fans, etc. all share a common bond. By becoming a more familiar face or presence online you are increasing your psychological propinquity with others.



Take the social networks for example, when you come across someone from another network it is as if you’ve bumped into an old friend. This is true in life as it is in cyberspace. So as a business owner your goal is to increase your social propinquity in order to elevate the state of the relationship from that of buyer and seller into two familiar colleagues or business associates.



What is the best way to increase your social media presence?   You may already be doing it and not be aware of it or you may need to step up your game a notch. By interacting on the networks you are accomplishing the many known advantages of using social media for business promotion.


  • Make sure on each social network all your information is accurate.


  • Have your business name and logo visible. In the case of Facebook, for example, by all means create a Fan Page dedicated to your business.


  • Personalize profiles with photos, current news, and any promotions you’d like to mention.


  • Offer good value within your content and posts. Having good information available to your friends or audience will increase your credibility, create trust, and further increase your propinquity.


  • Show interest in what your friends, customers, followers, readers, etc. are doing and their businesses, as well.  This really goes without saying, since it is all about being social, sharing, and communicating with each other.


  • Take time everyday to dedicate yourself to seeing what is trending or of relevance in your industry.



These steps not only increase your social media presence and propinquity, they also affect your ranking and relationship to the search engines. Many people are not aware of the transparency that occurs anytime data in most any form is placed on the web. It can be crawled and found and cause you to appear in results you don’t even know about. So the more content you have on your networks, the better your chances of showing up in the search results.



Many of these social actions take place in the real world during our everyday activities. We’re very often mesmerized by the idea of cyberspace, but as time passes this global abyss is getting smaller. That is to say, future trends lean more toward a more harmonious relationship between the real world and the internet. Those who accept this will be the pioneers and make the greatest advances online and in the business world.



pin it button How to Increase Your Online Propinquity
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