How to Make Videos Without a Camera

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Creating Simple Sales Videos Increases traffic.

Video is an amazing in tool in all marketers’ toolboxes and every business should learn to take advantage of using video as a promotional tool. It is good to have several videos online working for you on a variety of topics.  Producing videos can sometimes be time consuming and tedious but once they are completed you have them in your arsenal and can distribute them throughout the web as needed.  It is good to have professionally produced videos of high quality to represent your business but it isn’t necessary for all of your videos to be extremely polished.


In order to further promote your business and supplement other content you have online it is a good strategy to do that with short simple promotional videos.  You do not want to upload junk on the web but some short, basics videos with a brief message can serve you well. It is easy to do this using only your computer and the movie making or editing software that is probably included. You don’t even need to use a camera but you can if you want to, as the same principles apply in this case.


Many people don’t feel comfortable on camera or they haven’t got the budget for more polished videos so this technique works well as an addition to your marketing methods.  What is even better is that they work in the same way a very expensive video works.  Using keyword strategy and giving your video a title relevant to the subject allows people to find it and view it and be directed to your site. And just because it is simple does not mean that it is not informative and of value.  You can be very creative by just planning what you want to say.


Moviemaker in Windows, for example, allows you to construct these kind of videos quickly and easily. You can also develop the basic skills necessary for more elaborately edited videos. One technique is to use the title feature within the editing program and then add it to the editing timeline and save it to your computer.  It is rendered as a regular video would be and therefore becomes a video just like an action sequence or any other kind of viewable data.  You can also enhance the final product with pictures, motion video clips, sound effects, voice overs or whatever else you want to include.


After producing and saving your video you can now upload to a video sharing site like Youtube and then it will be online until you remove it.  There are millions of videos online so you may think it will never get seen or be as popular as some of the viral videos out there.  This is of no importance to you because what you’re concerned about is only your target marget.  If others find your video and enjoy it, even better, but the title and keywords will determine who will find it based on what they are searching for.


Search engine also regard video at a high level, therefore they tend to get indexed and found faster which inherently gives them a higher page ranking.  You want to offer something of interest or value even if it is just a quick reminder to your customers or information about your business like the location and phone number.  This strategy becomes much more powerful when it is combined with other social media outlets which further increases awareness of your brand while marketing online.


Here’s a quick video tutorial that demonstrates how to make these short videos in Windows Moviemaker.




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