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Learning to write powerful ad copy is an art and skill that will serve you well throughout the life of your business. Whether you write copy yourself or have it farmed out it is important to be aware of the impact or lack of impact you are making on readers of your material. Power words and persuasive language is not designed to mislead and manipulate but rather to evoke emotion and a sense of urgency. By mastering a few basics you can separate your message from the hordes of amateurs and snake oil style pitches that blanket the internet.

First of all it is best to be consistent and focused in the result you are striving to accomplish. The best method by far is to use a conversation approach as if your talking to your best friend. This immediately eases any pressure you have in composing the piece, as well as ending up with a more effective final product once it does reach your audience.

Certain words in our language for some reason are charged with an undefinable strength for whatever reason. This has been studied, researched and proven by experts but finding the right blend depends on many factors. There is no right way or the highway, as subject and style play a huge role, but there are ways to be unique and interesting without hammering out some big cheesy sales pitch.

People are inundated with pitches and promises everyday in their everyday lives and especially online, so to buy in to this temptation is a mistake. Hype is not a bad thing all together, though. We are members of the human drama and as such a little showmanship can certainly spark some life into a campaign. It is when the message becomes blurred and deceptive that it loses all credibility.

Which brings me to the next most important element-credibility. Building trusting in clients, customers and readers takes time and can involve years of cultivation. This is why it is important to be straight forward early on. Social proof should be offer early and throughout. Let me emphasis that. People want proof. This can be provided in a number of ways with out having to be a noted expert. You can emphasis the credentials you do possess. It is better to highlight a few strengths and to attract others who appreciate these strengths, than to exaggerate your credentials and risk unrepairable damage to your reputation. Overtime your skills will improve as well as your credibility.

Another excellent way to to build trust early is to provide testimonials and endorsements. By surrounding yourself with people who have greater skills than you or are farther along than you in your field you are providing yourself with an instant springboard or source of credibility. Your mentor or mastermind group benefits by having you as an actual advocate to their efforts; and you benefit by the stamp of approval by them. Even mavericks, lone wolfs, and figures of controversy recognize the importance of a team. At least the successful ones.

The third and equally important component of composing compelling copy is to offer arguments and solutions. Why should the reader care? How does this affect them? And How can this problem be solved. This is where the true passion and emotion come into play, because if there is a true situation or dilemma that can be solved than that person is much more open to the remedy. That remedy being you or your service. This is a way of presenting a case and solution and a path to change without just selling. In other words, you let the prospect make up their own mind.

Throughout your body of copy it is crucial to emphasis your points . Repeat all the available benefits and solutions without rambling or losing focus. Again remain conversation. Your talking to your best friend right. Just point out the benefits whenever it seems natural to do so. This brings us to the summary. The summary is a way of naturally rapping up everything you have discussed and touching on the important points one more time. If done with skill you literally take the reader on a short journey within their mind and lead them toward action.

Finally an important but oddly overlooked element of all is the call to action. This applies to the spoken word as well. A call to action is simply directing or asking the reader what action to take. Whether subtle or direct, do not omit this step. Even in literature there is a mood or emotion the auther wants the reader to carry with them. Well in ad copy there is a logical action to take too. Whetther it is to buy, sign up or support something be sure to include instuctions as to what you want them to do in the first place.

So just remember, focus on a subject and build credibility. Be conversational as if you are talking to a friend. Point out the existing obstacles and ways to overcome these hurdles. Seek out power charged and unique words that conjure powerful images. Offer proof, evidence, and testimonies. Sum up and call to the reader to action. If all of these bases are covered than you and your copy will do the job.

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