LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business

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linkedin LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business

LinkedIn Strategies

Social Media sites are now a necessary venue to market your business.   Most entrepreneurs limit their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, which is actually wise since these sites do have millions of viewers and users each day.  However, if you want to reach out to the professional crowd  you need to build your presence in a professional networking site such as LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals.  Since its launching in 2003, it has acquired more than 225 million users around the world, a number that means a lot to any business. Just like the other social networking sites that focus on entertainment, LinkedIn is a great way to market your business and is specifically geared for professionals .




LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to use for your business



1) Complete Your Profile


This is the first step, which at the same time serves as a strategy, to make your LinkedIn membership an asset to your business. With a complete profile, there is a better chance that you will turn up in search engine results. If you have noticed, most online search results often include items that come from social networking sites. To raise your rank, be sure that you optimize your profile. Use hyperlinks or precise anchor texts in your description. It is also wise to use keywords that are popular in your niche for indexing on the various search engines. Furthermore, do not forget to include a photograph on your profile. Users will trust you more if you show them who you are and what brand you represent.



 2) Build A Strong Network and Expand 


Start connecting with customers or partners in the business. They can write good reviews and recommendations about your company, which will turn up in your profile page. Other users often look at your profile to judge whether you are good in your field and if you are trustworthy. Good words from customers, partners, and employees will be your foundation. Once you have built this strong network, it is time to work on expanding. Build a group that will reach out to people outside your network. Here, you can start meaningful discussions or share news that are relevant to your business. You can even post links that will direct them to your website. Having your own group is a chance for you to show your members your expertise on your field and area of business. A tip to widen your network is to join related groups and invite other members to join your own group.



3) Build Your Email List through LinkedIn 


With a simple search, you can find professionals from specific fields all across the state, country, or all over the world. For instance, if you are selling leather materials for shoes, you can do a search for people who work in the shoe industry, particularly those in charge of purchasing. Most of LinkedIn users have their contact information available, but if not, you can always switch to a premium account to have access to this information. Once you know their email addresses, you can start sending newsletters or press releases about your products. The good thing about this is you are also able to know more about these people through their LinkedIn profiles, so you can create a personalized email for each professional, which is better than sending out a generic email.



4) Advertise on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has an advertising service similar to Google AdWords. Since your ads will be shown to professionals who log in to LinkedIn to find business, partnership, or hire a service, there is a good chance that the leads that you will be getting through these ads will be very valuable. Make sure that the landing page that you linked to your ads will bring them directly to a page that shows your services or products.



5) Update Your Profile and Stay Engaged


Your business is definitely not stagnant, thus, your profile shouldn’t be. Make necessary changes to your profile page, company page, and group to keep it relevant and fresh. This will continuously spark the interest of your network. You should also stay engaged in communicating with your members and network, and do it in a timely manner. To keep them updated, you can sync your blog posts to LinkedIn and always provide a link that will bring them straight to your website to increase your traffic.


pin it button LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business
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