Local SEO Exclusivity For Your Business in Fayetteville NC

pin it button Local SEO Exclusivity For Your Business in Fayetteville NC


We are all aware of the importance of the internet and having an online presence. We’ve seen, heard and experienced major changes in the way we communicate and gather information. Now everything we saw creeping up on us is here and those who embrace it will thank themselves in the years to come. Fayetteville NC is a thriving town where the potential for business owners is immense and it needs to be maximized.



Based on what I have observed when I do my research samples is that most businesses can be found online, but they are not necessarily found when some of the more common keyword phrases are used to search for that kind of service. In other words, I have to hunt for most businesses, listings don’t naturally reveal themselves to me when they could or should. I can find a business that has an internet presence but they are not finding me.



There are many keywords and keyword phrases people mistakenly leave out that are being searched; as well as, the many channels and vehicles where businesses are nowhere to be found. The techniques I use are specific to each industry and each client and are tailored to what their needs are. The primary objective is to garner top page rank organically. This means your site or one of your site’s hubs, shows up naturally on its own in the search results pages (SERPs).



This does not include the business indexes and citations people get listed in or the spots search engines reserve space for. This does do not mean paid or sponsored results. Although both indexing and paid strategies should be used in tandem for a business’s marketing. Through Rank High Media, our methods incorporate the use of website optimization, blogging, inbound linking, video, social media, articles, and press releases, along with a lot of other techniques which are logged and given to customers in a monthly report.



Local SEO Exclusivity



Now for the crux of this post! The meat and potatoes! What is exclusivity and why is it important? Other professionals will tell you they can design a beautiful website for thousands of dollars and offer you their search engine package along with it. Let me ask you this? What happens when they design another web site for another doctor, lawyer, builder, landscaper, butcher, baker, candlestick maker! How can they offer SEO to two competing fields? You can’t do it. Even we professional, computer savvy, internet marketers are constantly scrambling to keep up with the changes and codes and algorithms and rules that are all part of our industry.



We offer complete and total exclusivity. It is the only way anyone in the field of local search engine optimization should operate. Creating websites is one thing or a commercial tailored to your business is fine. But because of the competitive nature of the field you’re in, you cannot afford to pay someone who is telling two or three competitors, “I can get you top page ranking.” It’s not only unrealistic, it’s unethical. Rank High Media only offers services to one type of business at a time in a given geographic region. This can translate to a first come first serve basis in a particular vertical.



I also ask you to consider how much money do you pour into your advertising? It’s probably a significant amount of money. If you were to shift, not sacrifice, part of that expenditure into online marketing efforts you will be pleasantly surprised. I do not make wild claims and false promises about how your phone will never stop ringing or about lines of people forming around the corner. I am talking about realistically capturing the attention of those who wanted your service in the first place. You may be passing up valuable clients and not even realize it. Customers that may have found you, if only you were where they were looking.


pin it button Local SEO Exclusivity For Your Business in Fayetteville NC
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