Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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The number one objective you will accomplish in your Social Media marketing is the ability to deliver your message and communicate that message to a specifically targeted group. In the broadest sense that is to enter geographic information about your business in the available platforms built into search engines for this purpose.




From the search engines perspective the more services they offer and the more comprehensive they are, the more people will use their service. They are a business as well, which is why these services have advanced as they have, so it only makes sense for other businesses to take advantage of the benefits.



Next, but no less important is the credibility you will create for yourself and the trust you will instill in your clients. Just by the interaction that goes on while engaging in social media you create a bond with the people who need your services as well as making yourself available. By becoming more transparent and available you will naturally close the gap that traditionally exist between a buyer and a seller. Gone are the days of in your face marketing. There is still a time and place for creative and aggressive promotion and publicity, but not like previous decades.



A third advantage to your social media engagement is to reach people on an emotional level. When you do this you transcend the typical buyer-seller dynamic and create an emotional bond. We are creatures driven by our emotions and when we break down conventional barriers, we form longer lasting relationships. This will not only improve the perception of your business in your community, it will improve your business’s longevity.



A fourth advantage, and often overlooked, is the ability to educate and demonstrate what your business is and what it can do for people. Through video, pod-casting, photo-sharing ability, and email newsletters; the possibilities are only limited by what you choose to share. When people gain a better understanding of something and it is reinforced by a visual presentation they are more apt to buy. That is a fact, people just become more comfortable and familiar with something and it turns the thought or notion into an action, the action being a purchase.


Lastly, through the previously mentioned steps of action you have implemented, you’ve now created with your public a true motivation to buy or to enlist your services. You now have the right to ask for patronage or to offer goods for sale. There is no need to push or pressure, you have earned and established a bond that makes people want to do business with you. The channels on which you’ll be marketing allow you to carry out this call to action.


It is important to mention that when you do your marketing properly you will have a better relationship with your prospects and future clientele. Consumers are very wise, educated, and hip to all the tricks and gimmicks. Today’s buying public expects to get what they pay for and they expect to be able to find what they need fast. If a company ignores this fact they will not last and will be seen as passe or even worse, sub-standard. An SEO or New Media professional can help any business manage the critical task of your social media marketing and online advertising efforts.


Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from your Social Media Marketing (SMM):


1. General Online Presence – Your information, name, location, phone numbers, email – Entered and indexed online.


2. Your mission statement or message,i.e. Ability to advertise through online channels.


3. Credibility and Trust – Done through participation in the social networks shared by members of the community.


4. Ability to educate and inform through the many channels available like blogging and online video.


5. Call to Action – Informing your market of your offers and services.


6. Your combined efforts will lead to more prospects, customers, sales, and future customers.



To conclude it is also important to realize how important the ongoing aspect of these steps are and by adopting them now it will become second nature in the future. Any financial expenditures made toward arriving at and accomplishing these steps will be well worth it. Money spent on archaic methods can be re-designated toward methods that will yield better results. Combining traditional media with new media can be a winning combination, but relying only on a fading way of publicity and promotion would be a waste.


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pin it button Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing
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