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MobilAdpic1 Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC Businesses

Mobile Marketing is an excellent way to build your list and target future prospects. The many restrictions in the pay-per-click segment of advertising and getting leads have made it very difficult to just load a campaign and get results like the old days. You can’t use capture pages unless they meet very specific criteria and you’re not supposed to use replicated websites. These restrictions are designed to make our internet a better experience, but there is no doubt it can create challenges when marketing.




So what is Mobile Marketing?



You probably realize the impact mobile has made on our lives in recent years. We all saw it coming but we’re still a little unsure how to take advantage of all the capabilities it has. We can access the internet, download or play music, watch videos, and connect to all the social networks. We use our devices for both business and personal use while on the go or from a favorite spot. Now is the time to seize the moment and stay ahead of this boom that is happening right now.



Mobile advertising networks and platforms are cropping up everywhere and you can start to take advantage of some of these services before another shift occurs. Large corporations are doing this so we should take this sign and run with it. The good news is that mobile advertising is not as expensive and can be just as effective if not more than “desktop advertising.” Once internet marketers and small businesses start using the platform as their main source of advertising the price of choice keywords and phrases will be driven up and we’ll be in the same predicament again.



Mobile Marketing is Booming!



Over 5 billion people carry a mobile device worldwide. This is a staggering statistic and one that obviously cannot be ignored. Short Message Ads (SMS) have as much as a 90% open rate which is much higher than click-thru-rates or even email marketing. Also, these same people log on to their computers later or still use their email as their main means of getting information. This means the mobile world and the desktop world complement each other, so your prospects are more available than ever, you just have to know how to reach them.



Mobile advertisers can now promote in any number of ways like the use of banners, SMS advertising, and various other media delivery systems, like video and audio. When an action is requested to fulfill the needs of the advertiser, such as an email or zip code, it’s the same as if it were from a desktop or phone, the internet is the internet. This is very powerful and the writing is on the wall where lead generation is moving. Mobile Internet usage is becoming more conducive for businesses and individuals to advertise this way.




mobilemontageofpeople Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC BusinessesMobile Marketing is still in its infancy.  It’s taken off faster in Europe and Asia for various reasons. One being that large segments of our population still prefer desktops and laptops, but that is shifting with the cost of mobile connectivity leveling and the technology improving every day. This opens up big opportunities for an astute business owner or entrepreneur to take advantage of the low competition within mobile marketing.


This means you have a better chance of your advertising message reaching the masses at a much lower cost.



Now is the time to implement some form of mobile marketing into your marketing strategy. The sooner the better before your competition and everybody else for that matter starts doing the same thing. Some statistics state that mobile phones outnumber desktop computers by a 4 to 1 ratio. Again, this should give you an idea of the massive number of people mobile advertisers can reach. I’m not ready to leave desktop marketing behind all together, I don’t think an all or nothing approach is good in any kind of marketing strategy. But as a new resource for gathering prospects and list-building or as a way to augment our other marketing efforts…  I’m goin’ mobile!



Fayetteville NC is the perfect size town to run a successful mobile marketing campaign.  Contact Rank High Media to get your questions answered.


pin it button Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC Businesses
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