Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

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mobilemontageofpeople Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

There are many different types of mobile marketing strategies, and it can become difficult to decide where to start.  If you are on the lookout for mobile marketing methods for your local business, but a little confused with where to start or which ones would be most effective, this post will outline some of the top methods or 8 mobile marketing strategies to be exact that can surely do wonders for your business.



Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses


1. Mobile discount coupons and offers


Mobile discount coupons and offers are a perfect way to attract customers to your business. This is one of the best strategies for business owners who need fast results. A great way to get quick results is to offer time-sensitive offers or coupons. Many business owners time the discounts and coupons they offer. For instance, some restaurants offer discounts for family on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Other businesses offer standing discounts for particular members of the community, like senior citizens or veterans. This is a great way to increase the number of people visiting your business.



2. Text messaging 


This is a great way to share essential information with your customers. Short Message Service (SMS) marketing or Text Message Marketing is an ideal way for sending notices to your customers of time-sensitive events like deals-of-the-day. SMS, you must keep in mind, is not limited to any particular type of phone, like only SmartPhones, so it can be one of the best mobile marketing strategies if you want “everyone” to read your message, and everyone being those in your network who’ve agree to receive your messages.



3. QR codes


Quick Response codes or QR codes area a simple way to drive traffic to your webpage or website. Earlier, QR codes were being used by the auto industry. Now, you can find QR codes everywhere, on a T-Shirt, in a magazine, store windows, in fact if you look carefully you will find QR codes everywhere. Scanning the QR codes is fun, and moreover, the mobile phone users actively participate in it. If you insert QR codes in the products you sell or in your current advertising, you’ll be amazed at the response.



4. Be sure you have a mobile friendly website.


Your website might be perfect for those who view it on their desktop computer, but might be just a scattered mess for those trying to view it via their mobile device. Get to know what changes you need to make so that even mobile users have a good experience surfing your website, and apply the changes without wait. We can help you with this in a snap.



5. Appointment reminders and confirmations


This strategy can particularly prove helpful for hair salons, medical offices, tanning salons, dental offices, auto mechanics and any other business that sets regular appointments for their customers. You can opt for text messages or recorded telephone messages and send them to your customers, reminding them of their appointment, or to confirm the appointment they had earlier made.



6. Location based marketing


You must have used various location based social media programs, but with the continuous growth in mobile marketing, using location based apps can be very beneficial for your business.  Using GPS data location, services can identify where a particular user is at a particular time.  There already are many people willing to find out where and when to eat or shop, if you use this data to target your messages to the right customers at the right time, it will be very helpful for your business. You will be able to send time-sensitive offers, thus increasing the sense of urgency in the customers when they are in your store or in the nearby area.



7. Mobile payments


Though not a totally new concept, more and more businesses are allowing payment through mobile phones, and it is going to be in full force in near future. There are certain apps that your customers can use to purchase from your business. Apart from purchasing while in store, they also will be able to pay when shopping online. And, if your business offers loyalty programs, it will become easier for your customers to keep track of their purchases.



8. Facebook Mobile Ads


Facebook has about 680 million active mobile users each month, over half its total member base. It has been reported that 47 percent of people who use social media access their platforms through their mobile phones.   The most popular mobile app is Facebook. Many businesses already have opted for Facebook marketing strategy. But since most users now visit the site from their mobile phones, your motto needs to be “mobile first.” Mobile advertising on Facebook is producing great results, both locally, and worldwide, so if you have not opted for it yet, you’re missing out on a huge and growing audience.



Whether you live in Fayetteville NC or anywhere else, these mobile marketing strategies can do a lot for your business. Soon Mobile will be surpassing desktop, as I’ve alluded to many times on this blog, so it is important to get familiar with at least a few that complement your style of marketing and work for you. Rank High Media will be glad to help you get started, give us a call or send us a message on the contact page with your concerns.



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