Mobile Phones and Their Impact on Business

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mobilemontageofpeople1 Mobile Phones and Their Impact on BusinessTen years ago, people did not even consider using mobile phones for their marketing campaigns and efforts in growing their businesses. Like, for example, social media marketing, it wasn’t given a second thought.

Now, the research shows that 69% of the companies interviewed, state that they consider mobile marketing as one of the “key” elements of growth in near future (approximately five years).


Development of technology in mobile industry started affecting the IT industry and the way we use Internet in general. The small business owners now need additional web design work to optimize their web pages for mobile use, since searching the internet using the mobile devices is becoming mainstream.

Each business that has the intention of staying competitive needs to make their business accessible to smart phones or tablets.  Most small businesses are still not ready to take this step despite the success rate. Those businesses that have already developed a mobile presence online, 84% of them report increase in business activity. So, making sure to develop a mobile presence will most certainly have an impact on your business performance.

Effects on Communication

As we all know, mobile technologies have made it easier to communicate from varying locations and to juggle the communication during workdays that involve constant trips in and out of the office. Though recently, mobile phones have significantly started invading private time, followed by increased percentage of people addicted to their smart phones. Still, the benefits of mobile industry are much more significant than the disadvantages. Mobile devices make it easier to transfer and handle e-mails and various documents.



A survey performed in may 2012 by “Sage North America”, a computer software solutions company, has revealed increased use of mobile devices.

Here is the following information gathered from survey:

- The top reason to use mobile devices is E-mail, followed by performance management and handling the documents.

- Most small business owners are using laptops (89%), smart phones (84%) and tablet computers (38%)

- The percent of employees that use mobile technologies for marketing and sale was 41%

- 61% of companies whose employees are using mobile devices for remote work are taking care of expenses for the equipment.


With increased number of consumers that are using mobile devices to access the internet, investment in mobile marketing is becoming crucial element for business growth. Not only that this method of marketing is reducing all the costs of printing, postage, and other daily expenses, but it’s been reported that the mobile pitches result in an average response rate of 15%, while the traditional direct email is reduced to only 3%.

In June 2012, an interview with David Brown, famous mobile marketer, and chairman and CEO of, indicated that businesses need to configure their websites for both mobile use and regular computers.

The development of mobile technology is forcing businesses to rethink the way they promote and operate and the most innovative ones are already catching up with this new digital change. Smart phones, tablets and laptops are changing the way staff communicate among each other, clients and consumers. Mobile devices are also announcing a great change in marketing and promotion, as well as web design industry. All in all, they are changing the way business is done.


pin it button Mobile Phones and Their Impact on Business
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