Napoleon Hill Speaking About Success Principles

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Here’s rare film clip of Napoleon Hill speaking on the main tenants of his timeless, best selling book, “Think and Grow Rich”. Napoleon Hill is one of the fathers of the success movement which started gaining popularity in the middle of the 20th Century.  These psychological principles predate date modern times and were only recognized by the very successful, wealthy, or those willing to open their minds to a new way of thinking.

These principles have been studied, followed, and imitated by many other respected leaders in the field of finding business success through forming an attitude and way of thinking and living your life that is conducive to attracting and creating success and wealth in your life.

These methods were once considered very radical, controversial, or just dismissed as being baloney.  Through the advent of technology and over the course of time, however, scientist, scholars, and respected leaders have come to appreciate the wisdom and validity that lies within shaping ones’ destiny through the power of the mind and attitude.

“Think and Grow Rich” is more than a motivational work promising riches by wishing and hoping; it is a practical manual with exercises, examples, and evidence of how carrying out certain actions and behavior patterns can have a dramatic affect on the outcome of your life and the success you experience in a lifetime.

Important themes such as family, community service, hard work, and intellectual and spiritual pursuits are covered. The power of your imagination and how to stimulate your own creativity and attract wealth are revealed in this wonderful book.

Similar pioneers in this movement are Charles F.Haanel, Andrew Carnegie, W.F. Stone, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, and others.  These principles may seem basic at one’s first exposure, but it is in actually carrying out the principles that is the challenge.

Some of the principles are traced back to ancient and Biblical times and are the inspiration for many other modern publications, such as “The Secret.”  Napoleon Hill was greatly inspired by “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel who Rhonda Byrnes’, “The Secret” is largely inspired by.

Napoleon Hill became an apprentice of sorts to US Steel magnate and founder, Andrew Carnegie.  Hill was commissioned to interview and discover the secret to wealth according to the most successful men of the time; including Woolworth, Ford, Rockefeller, and many more over the span of twenty years or more.

Through his findings he composed one of the best selling books of all time in the genre of personal and business success. This book and Napoleon Hill himself are still revered today as a beacon of what it means to succeed at business and in life.

pin it button Napoleon Hill Speaking About Success Principles
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