Be an Innovative Marketer: Learn From Cal Worthington – Father of the Infomercial

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CalWorthington Be an Innovative Marketer: Learn From Cal Worthington   Father of the Infomercial

Cal Worthington – Father of the Infomercial


When it comes to advertising innovation you’d be hard pressed to find anybody that can beat Cal Worthington for ideas that are not only different, but also stick in the minds of potential customers. I’ll never forget the years I lived in Los Angeles and all those Cal Worthington TV ads. He was so good at creating these ideas that he made millions in the process. What was it that he did differently and what can you learn from him to help your own business?



How his advertisements were different



Worthington advertised his car lots on both the radio and television for decades, but he knew in order to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, he’d better do something different; so he focused on using animals and interesting taglines to make an impact. The main thing, though, was the “my dog Spot” ads with the twist being that it was never an actual dog. Instead, Cal used a variety of animals including a bear, tiger, mountain lion, elephant, seal, and even a whale. His particular brand of crazyness really took off and made an impression with the viewers.



He also started a series of commercials where he would do some kind of stunt just to get a sale, like standing on a bi-plane’s wings while in flight. Of course, this then led to more interest in what he was selling as people would generally pay attention to idea of somebody willing to do anything to make money. You may not have to go that far with your own advertising ideas, but you should perhaps take the concept of offering something different in order to stand out from the crowd.



The idea of the infomercial



Another area where Worthington is seen as being a groundbreaker is with the infomercial, as he was the first one that really caught on to the idea of buying cheap ad time in huge blocks to get his point across. This led him to buy blocks that ranged in length from 30 minutes to three hours which were filled with his car ads, country music, and his huge personality; the combination proved to be a winner. These infomercials certainly were never boring as Cal took them seriously from a business standpoint and wanted to get his message across. Boring the viewer would only serve to turn them against you, so it is fair to say that he understood more than just how to sell cars, he understood the power of film and visual effects and how it translates into more sales.



His success



After looking at what he did it is always good to see the results he achieved as this will allow you to see how advertising innovation really can take you a long way in business and what you will find is that in 1988 his business grossed approximately $316.8 million. This figure actually means that at that moment in time he was the owner of the biggest car dealership chain currently in operation. Over the decades he has grossed billions of dollars in sales. And yes, a lot of that success has to be attributed to his commercials and the way in which they caught the attention of the public. Clearly you do not have to generate the same level of volume or turnover, but if following his approach leads to any percentage increase in your bottom line, it’s worth it.



What can you learn from him?



There are a number of things you can learn from the way in which Cal Worthington went about advertising his business even if you do not go to the same lengths as he did with his ideas. The first thing is that you should never be scared to try something even if it seems a bit crazy at the time, because as long as you still get your point across and do so in a way that is understood by your potential clients, then go for it! Capturing that market share has become even harder today thanks to the internet, so get those ideas together, do something off the wall, and always have faith in what you are doing.



Cal Worthington is an example of a true innovator and pioneer. In the world of advertising and marketing the only limits are with your imagination. Even working with a small budget you can use your imagination and stretch your dollar so as to reap the rewards when you hit the right chord. Take a tip from Cal and do what he did. Look at your product, look at what other people are doing to sell the same product, and then put your own slant and personality into it and you too may see real change in the fortunes of your business.



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Creating a Business Game Plan

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gameplan1 Creating a Business Game Plan

Creating a business game plan is paramount when tackling new challenges, especially when you’re starting a new business.  So it’s important to develop some work habits to get you in motion and in a performance mode of accomplishing tasks.  This is true of an offline business, online business, or any other worthwhile undertaking. Whether you want to write a book, train for a marathon, or sell candles online a game plan is necessary.




You might not relish the idea of imposing more responsibilities on your already hectic life; or you may feel you just don’t have the time. Make time.  We’re all allotted the same number of hours in a day, it’s just a matter of maximizing the time we do have.  It begins with planning and organization.  They can be small steps but the key is to start and to be consistent and to build momentum.


This may or may not require major sacrifice, it really depends on the desired outcome and what kind of expectations you have. However, it should never really be considered a sacrifice even though most rewards come with a built-in pricetag.  In other words, you can’t get something for nothing and you shouldn’t expect to.



 Creating a Business Game Plan



Let’s start with an actual workspace. It depends on how you work, but it is imperative to have a headquarters.  It may be at your computer, home office, or on your bed.  You might draw energy from being around others, like working in the corner of your family room.  You may be flexible, and you should be, as to when and where you work; but a primary station will provide an anchor for you to stay organized and motivated.


Now a time to devote to your project.  You may feel you don’t know when or how to do this. Ideally a consistent schedule will work best.  You may not be a morning person or your schedule just might seem too full.  However you decide to do this, look on it as your time, a gift you create for yourself.  Remember to start small and build to greater productivity. An extra hour or two in the morning or before you go to bed can add up to a significant amount.


Whatever time you choose, allow it to jibe with your natural rhythms so you are excited about what you’re doing.  Once you find a time that’s right, and you will; start making a schedule for yourself.  Again, be flexible. Once you have a center or reference point you’ll find it much easier to vary from it when necessary.


Become a list maker. If you try to take on everything you’ll get very little done. Prioritize what you need to get done by starting with the most important items.  If you’ve begun an internet venture, obviously you want some sort of blog, website, or social network set up.  If you offer any kind of product or service, you’ll want to make sure that product is ready for delivery and you control those channels.


Choose your battles. In other words, if something is causing you extreme frustration it is either something you should seek help with or something that is just wasting your time and energy.  You are in the driver seat and there is no need to focus on too many things that create confusion.  Tackle the important tasks and those that bring you the greatest satisfaction.


For example, if writing creatively drives you the most, then focus on the content you’re able to offer to others.  Maybe it’s making connections on the social networks, or recording audio presentations, or making phone calls, or creating motivational videos. Maybe you’re in a learning phase?  Then take the time to learn and review the abundance of training material available online, which brings up another point.


Never stop being a student. You will never know all there is to know and there will always be more to learn and people to learn from no matter what field you’re in.  The ones who keep their minds open and maintain that thirst for knowledge are the ones who last and excel.  Be patient and know that every step you take is a step closer to where you want to be.


By developing a steady work habit, consistency, and patience, you won’t burn yourself out.  Trying to take on too much can be overwhelming.  Work until your satisfied with your own efforts and have accomplished a few meaningful tasks. Stopping at a point where there is work left undone is inevitable and a good idea.  It gets you motivated for the next session and allows you to hit the ground running the next time.  This is a writing technique used to battle writer’s block and it works for mastering workloads also.


I hope you’ve gathered some insight as to how to make a game plan and the importance in doing so.  I happen to be of the school of diving in, forging ahead, and not being afraid to fail.  Organization is crucial, but never be a prisoner to your own schedule. So dive in, get started, and learn from your mistakes along the way as you get closer and closer to where you want to be.


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Benefits of HootSuite for Business

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hootsuitepic1 Benefits of HootSuite for Business
In the context of doing business online, merchants are interested in having applications that will facilitate the delivery of product related information to the consumer population. This usually applies in affiliate marketing where affiliates have been striving to advertise merchandise through various channels like product reviews and blogging. Business operations are also conducted through social networks, which have been proven to be an effective platform for reaching a sizable number of potential customers. In the event that a business entity undertakes its promotional activities through social networks, they will require suitable management systems that will
make it easier to respond to consumers’ concerns.



Benefits of HootSuite for Business



HootSuite is an example of an administrative system that allows affiliate advertisers to manage many social networks from a single platform. This system offers a secure place where those dealing with various commercial undertakings can collaboratively execute marketing activities from one dashboard.  Some social networks that can be linked together using HootSuite include Facebook, Google+, and Instagram among other popular sites.



In its operation, this management system enables marketers to stay organized and active across multiple social networks at one time.  This platform allows running business campaigns from a single web-based locale which serves the purpose of saving time. In addition, one is able to objectively organize marketing related information which is delivered to the audience.



This may take the form of partitioning audiences into distinct groups based on different aspects of niche marketing strategies. In this case, business owners can identify and grow the number of people within a given business niche by launching customized marketing campaigns.  Therefore, the customized manner in which messages can be delivered ensures that the way HootSuite users can reach target consumers is more streamlined and organized.



In order to reap maximum benefits of using HootSuite for business, marketers should the develop skills and techniques that can increase their product and service sales.  In the context of internet marketing, customers are interested in finding marketers online. Effective platforms that can avail firms to the considerable number of consumers engaged within the social networks. Customers usually look for consistency within these social networks, as this indicates reliability and commitment while addressing potential consumers’ needs.



One feature of HootSuite that facilitates consistency is the ability to schedule future posts.  Marketing campaigners may choose to schedule their product related posts on periodic basis, for example after a week or two. This will ensure that customers get latest communications; hence signaling marketer’s consistency of presence on social networks.  Using HootSuite for business also enables business owners to keep track of their posts.  Therefore, the management system offers an opportunity to analyze the impact of communication among the consumer population.



In actual practice, business owners using the system can use the analytics icon within the dashboard in checking the number of views that every given post receives.  This means that marketers will gain an insight into the number of people who click tweets and view various facebook statuses. Facebook statuses also come with reviews in the form of comments; so marketers can receive feedback from their marketing campaign content.  So in this case, businesses can improve their campaign strategies by learning from the feedback provided by members within a given social network.



Finally, availability of HootSuite in mobile device versions enables users to collaboratively manage their campaign undertakings in a convenient and cost effective manner using devices like smartphones.  It goes without saying that the combination of using a service like HootSuite with mobile can be an invaluable asset.  These are just a few of the advantages of using Hootsuite to help market your business online.


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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business

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linkedin LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business

LinkedIn Strategies

Social Media sites are now a necessary venue to market your business.   Most entrepreneurs limit their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, which is actually wise since these sites do have millions of viewers and users each day.  However, if you want to reach out to the professional crowd  you need to build your presence in a professional networking site such as LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals.  Since its launching in 2003, it has acquired more than 225 million users around the world, a number that means a lot to any business. Just like the other social networking sites that focus on entertainment, LinkedIn is a great way to market your business and is specifically geared for professionals .




LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to use for your business



1) Complete Your Profile


This is the first step, which at the same time serves as a strategy, to make your LinkedIn membership an asset to your business. With a complete profile, there is a better chance that you will turn up in search engine results. If you have noticed, most online search results often include items that come from social networking sites. To raise your rank, be sure that you optimize your profile. Use hyperlinks or precise anchor texts in your description. It is also wise to use keywords that are popular in your niche for indexing on the various search engines. Furthermore, do not forget to include a photograph on your profile. Users will trust you more if you show them who you are and what brand you represent.



 2) Build A Strong Network and Expand 


Start connecting with customers or partners in the business. They can write good reviews and recommendations about your company, which will turn up in your profile page. Other users often look at your profile to judge whether you are good in your field and if you are trustworthy. Good words from customers, partners, and employees will be your foundation. Once you have built this strong network, it is time to work on expanding. Build a group that will reach out to people outside your network. Here, you can start meaningful discussions or share news that are relevant to your business. You can even post links that will direct them to your website. Having your own group is a chance for you to show your members your expertise on your field and area of business. A tip to widen your network is to join related groups and invite other members to join your own group.



3) Build Your Email List through LinkedIn 


With a simple search, you can find professionals from specific fields all across the state, country, or all over the world. For instance, if you are selling leather materials for shoes, you can do a search for people who work in the shoe industry, particularly those in charge of purchasing. Most of LinkedIn users have their contact information available, but if not, you can always switch to a premium account to have access to this information. Once you know their email addresses, you can start sending newsletters or press releases about your products. The good thing about this is you are also able to know more about these people through their LinkedIn profiles, so you can create a personalized email for each professional, which is better than sending out a generic email.



4) Advertise on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has an advertising service similar to Google AdWords. Since your ads will be shown to professionals who log in to LinkedIn to find business, partnership, or hire a service, there is a good chance that the leads that you will be getting through these ads will be very valuable. Make sure that the landing page that you linked to your ads will bring them directly to a page that shows your services or products.



5) Update Your Profile and Stay Engaged


Your business is definitely not stagnant, thus, your profile shouldn’t be. Make necessary changes to your profile page, company page, and group to keep it relevant and fresh. This will continuously spark the interest of your network. You should also stay engaged in communicating with your members and network, and do it in a timely manner. To keep them updated, you can sync your blog posts to LinkedIn and always provide a link that will bring them straight to your website to increase your traffic.


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Interesting Facts About Independence Day

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fireworksflag Interesting Facts About Independence Day


Happy Independence Day! Is this a great country or what?  It is not perfect and things could definitely be better, but we should be thankful for our liberty and freedom. This Fourth of July let us celebrate and remember to be patriotic year round and never forget how far we’ve come as a nation and always do what we can to make our home a better place. Here’s a quick post with some interesting facts about the Fourth.




Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July or The Fourth, is a US federal holiday which celebrates our nation’s independence from Great Britain. Although, historically there are varying accounts on when exactly the actual Declaration of Independence was signed, whether on the 2nd or even a month later by many signers, July 4th is the day we celebrate. The principle authors were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston; Thomas Jefferson being the one credited with penning most of it.



John Hancock was the leader of Congress and the first one to sign the document. He is said to have signed it weeks in advanced in a private chamber with one witness. His signature is the largest and most visible probably due to the available space on the paper at the time of his signing. His signature has famously come to represent all signatures, as in “put your John Hancock here.”



On July 8, 1776, the first Independence Day celebrations were in Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell was rung in order to assemble the public for the first reading of the Declaration of Independence read by Colonel John Nixon.


1804 is the actual year the White House celebrated the first public Independence Day. Congress formally declared July 4 or Independence Day a federal holiday in 1941.



Liberty is derived from the Latin word libertas meaning “free”



In July 1776, the estimated population of our nation was 2.5 million (Historical Statistics of the United States)



Currently the nation’s estimated population is 313.9 million



According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and National Hot Dog & Sausage Council over 155 million hot dogs will be eaten on the Fourth. July is designated as National Hot Dog month.  Go figure.



Over 78 million Americans will cook out



According to the US Census Bureau over 90% of American flags purchased in our country are made in China. Yikes!


Another import from China – Fireworks – Over $232 million spent on fireworks expected this year


John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third presidents respectively, both died on the same day which was July 4, 1826. This was also the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Adams was 90 years old and Jefferson was 83.  Pretty amazing coincidence.



Our fifth president, James Monroe, died on  July 4, 1831.



Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president, and Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack Obama, our 44th president, were born on, you guessed it, the 4th of July.



Other famous people born on the Fourth of July


Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of “The Scarlett Letter”


Eric Fleming – actor, Trail Boss Gil Favor “Rawhide”


Ron Kovic – activist and author of the book “Born on the Fourth of July” portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie


James Bailey – Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey Circus


Louis B. Mayer –  MGM Studios co-founder


Geraldo Rivera – Journalist


Gina Lollobrigida – actress


Ralph Johnson – drummer for Earth, Wind and Fire


Mike Sorrentino “The Situation” – reality show star “Jersey Shore”


John Waite – singer “Missing You”


Twin sisters Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) – advice columnists


Eva Marie Saint – actress “On the Waterfront”


Neil Simon – playwright and screenwriter “The Odd Couple”


George Steinbrenner – owner of the NY Yankees



Macy’s of New York City will be holding and airing the 2013 4th of July Fireworks display making it their 36th year. Millions will gather to be awed by over 40,000 shells that will burst over the Hudson River.


Let me say thank you to my website visitors and clients who make it all worthwhile. Have a fun and safe Fourth!



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Myths and Truths of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEOmythsandtruthspic1 Myths and Truths of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



10 Myths About Local SEO Online Marketing


1. I don’t need a Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Believe it or not I hear this all the time. “I already have a website” or “my web designer did some SEO for me.” Even worse, some businesses just don’t see the importance of SEO yet at all. Having a local SEO strategy for your business is crucial, so read on to learn more about why and what to do about it.



2. Conventional ads will cover my bases. I’m a huge advocate of exploring different methods, utilizing what is already working, mixing media to work in tandem, and even bold experimentation. However, by relying solely on the mainstream media, i.e. print, radio, and TV; you are ignoring a vast potential customer base.



3. It’s a passing fad or craze that will die down. No one can foretell the future but the internet is here to stay. It is as big as the invention of the printing press and is now the go-to source for information, regardless of how effective some conventional marketing methods may be. Businesses who adhere to the wait-and-see approach are simply forfeiting potential customers and money to their competition.



4. It’s expensive. Hell yeah it is! Just kidding. Got your attention, didn’t I? The truth is at this time your dollar will go further and reach more people online than it will using offline methods. Your budget and what you spend is entirely up to you. The fact that results can be measured more accurately allows you to adjust your spending accordingly.



5. It’s ineffective. An overall marketing plan using state of the art SEO techniques is very effective. Some people try one thing and don’t see a huge surge in business right away, then ditch the whole idea. Local SEO is an ongoing effort and when done properly can produce amazing or even exponential results.



6. I can do it myself or my teenager is good at that kind of stuff. You could possibly do many of the necessary tasks and steps toward increasing your web presence, but it is much too time consuming not to take away from running your actual business. As for getting help from your computer-whiz teen, they may be able to do a lot, but they might not understand the complete picture regarding advanced online marketing concepts.



7. I’m just not technically savvy. This isn’t really a myth, but it’s one of the biggest hurdles business owners face. Some people think if they’re not up to speed on computers maybe their competition is in the same boat. Businesses often ignore the problem and trudge along, hoping the economy will improve and things will just get better.



8. Anyone who promises the #1 spot on a search engine like Google must know what they’re doing. The truth is nobody can or should make this guarantee. It’s just a ploy to win your business. A reputable and experienced SEO practitioner will explain the realities of how competitive your field is and what is involved. They will then proceed to increase your overall web footprint and, more than likely, achieve high page ranking for important keyword phrases.



9. Social Media is a waste of time. Social networks have become an integral part of our lives and the fact that these sites carry so much weight in terms of search engine ranking is a vital element to your overall strategy. Regardless of how many direct sales you see from social networking there are some key advantages; like improving your relationships with customers, getting feedback from them, and at times ranking higher due to social activity.



10. The more steps I take the better my site will perform for my business. This is false, and most SEO professionals won’t tell you this. The search engines are very sophisticated and recognize most technical tricks used to gain ranking. There is such thing as having an “over-optimized” or “over-SEOed” site that appears unnatural. This can cause alarm which will actually hurt or penalize you rank-wise. Make sure you work with a trusted professional who understands the right balance.




10 Truths About Local SEO and Local Online Marketing




1. You need a Local SEO strategy.  Yep, simply stated and so true. Ya gotta have it! There is too much competition out there to ignore this fact. Simply having a website is not enough, you need to be found by the customers searching for the goods and services you offer.



2. Dollars go further online. This is pure economics. When you compare the cash outlay of traditional advertising to an online campaign, the internet is the clear winner; especially when the ads are targeted to reach a specific segment of the population. Your marketing done online is both more measurable and reaches more people per dollar spent.



3. Results can be tracked and measured. The tools available today that are meant to be integrated along with your marketing efforts are fantastic. They are more than just added features that give you loads of information; they are the key to letting you know where your traffic is coming from and what is working and what is not.



4. Higher ranking = More traffic = More customers. There are absolutely no guarantees and this is largely dependant upon the nature of your business, however, in the realm of marketing for local businesses this formula does tend to ring true. Furthermore, you do not necessarily have to be number one at all times in all the search engines to get great results; but being on the first page in your area for the terms most often searched for a given service should be your main objective. When this is accomplished you should start to see an increase in business and sales.



5. Nobody can guarantee a #1 PageRanking on Google. The algorithm of Google search is as guarded a secret as the formula for Coke. SEO practitioners can produce good results by optimizing your content online based on their skills and what is known to work. There are too many dynamics and variables to make false promises and empty guarantees. Steer clear of anyone who makes such claims or ask them what it is they know that nobody else does.



6. Website developers are not marketers. People assume they are for some odd reason, I guess because they don’t know who else to turn to. Yes, there are technical aspects to internet marketing, but it is like having a TV repairman write your ad copy. Also, most web designers offer an SEO package that would be expected along with a website anyway. Do they offer exclusivity when building sites for two people in the same profession?



7. 70% of US households have an internet connection. 84% of these perform local searches. Wherever you live, small town or metropolis, this amounts to a lot of people. When people do local searches they are on a mission to find something they need or want soon. As a business owner, I’m sure you want to be where they’re looking.




8. Most businesses think they already have an adequate internet presence. Businesses may submit to some online directories or have a website up and running but they are missing key elements. Those elements are vast and varied and usually require an SEO specialist to outline what you need to do to improve your online footprint.




9. Social Media only generates 2% as much traffic as a search engine can. Even though very few sales actually occur from Social Media activity directly, it is a huge part of how you are perceived as a business and it definitely contributes to how you rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This is why an overall SEO strategy is so important for local businesses.



10. Every business should have a Local SEO strategy in place. I think the aforementioned myths and truths support this fact, along with plenty of other reasons. The businesses that do not take the steps today will surely suffer tomorrow.



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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

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mobilemontageofpeople Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

There are many different types of mobile marketing strategies, and it can become difficult to decide where to start.  If you are on the lookout for mobile marketing methods for your local business, but a little confused with where to start or which ones would be most effective, this post will outline some of the top methods or 8 mobile marketing strategies to be exact that can surely do wonders for your business.



Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses


1. Mobile discount coupons and offers


Mobile discount coupons and offers are a perfect way to attract customers to your business. This is one of the best strategies for business owners who need fast results. A great way to get quick results is to offer time-sensitive offers or coupons. Many business owners time the discounts and coupons they offer. For instance, some restaurants offer discounts for family on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Other businesses offer standing discounts for particular members of the community, like senior citizens or veterans. This is a great way to increase the number of people visiting your business.



2. Text messaging 


This is a great way to share essential information with your customers. Short Message Service (SMS) marketing or Text Message Marketing is an ideal way for sending notices to your customers of time-sensitive events like deals-of-the-day. SMS, you must keep in mind, is not limited to any particular type of phone, like only SmartPhones, so it can be one of the best mobile marketing strategies if you want “everyone” to read your message, and everyone being those in your network who’ve agree to receive your messages.



3. QR codes


Quick Response codes or QR codes area a simple way to drive traffic to your webpage or website. Earlier, QR codes were being used by the auto industry. Now, you can find QR codes everywhere, on a T-Shirt, in a magazine, store windows, in fact if you look carefully you will find QR codes everywhere. Scanning the QR codes is fun, and moreover, the mobile phone users actively participate in it. If you insert QR codes in the products you sell or in your current advertising, you’ll be amazed at the response.



4. Be sure you have a mobile friendly website.


Your website might be perfect for those who view it on their desktop computer, but might be just a scattered mess for those trying to view it via their mobile device. Get to know what changes you need to make so that even mobile users have a good experience surfing your website, and apply the changes without wait. We can help you with this in a snap.



5. Appointment reminders and confirmations


This strategy can particularly prove helpful for hair salons, medical offices, tanning salons, dental offices, auto mechanics and any other business that sets regular appointments for their customers. You can opt for text messages or recorded telephone messages and send them to your customers, reminding them of their appointment, or to confirm the appointment they had earlier made.



6. Location based marketing


You must have used various location based social media programs, but with the continuous growth in mobile marketing, using location based apps can be very beneficial for your business.  Using GPS data location, services can identify where a particular user is at a particular time.  There already are many people willing to find out where and when to eat or shop, if you use this data to target your messages to the right customers at the right time, it will be very helpful for your business. You will be able to send time-sensitive offers, thus increasing the sense of urgency in the customers when they are in your store or in the nearby area.



7. Mobile payments


Though not a totally new concept, more and more businesses are allowing payment through mobile phones, and it is going to be in full force in near future. There are certain apps that your customers can use to purchase from your business. Apart from purchasing while in store, they also will be able to pay when shopping online. And, if your business offers loyalty programs, it will become easier for your customers to keep track of their purchases.



8. Facebook Mobile Ads


Facebook has about 680 million active mobile users each month, over half its total member base. It has been reported that 47 percent of people who use social media access their platforms through their mobile phones.   The most popular mobile app is Facebook. Many businesses already have opted for Facebook marketing strategy. But since most users now visit the site from their mobile phones, your motto needs to be “mobile first.” Mobile advertising on Facebook is producing great results, both locally, and worldwide, so if you have not opted for it yet, you’re missing out on a huge and growing audience.



Whether you live in Fayetteville NC or anywhere else, these mobile marketing strategies can do a lot for your business. Soon Mobile will be surpassing desktop, as I’ve alluded to many times on this blog, so it is important to get familiar with at least a few that complement your style of marketing and work for you. Rank High Media will be glad to help you get started, give us a call or send us a message on the contact page with your concerns.



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Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising

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crystalball1 Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising


As an internet marketer and SEO specialist it is my number one concern to be able pass on solid expertise to valued clients. In order to back that expertise I have to be a few steps ahead of the general public.  Since coming online I’ve prided myself on being ahead of the curve and being able to spot trends, as well as, being what is known as an early adopter. Part of being able to offer good service is knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what is around the next bend.




Unfortunately there is no one specific source for predicting the future and no one really knows what it will present to everyone. It requires untold hours of reading, researching, evaluating, comparing, and speculating on what likely occurrences may come to pass.  Other than keeping my ear to the rails and engaging myself online on a daily basis, one excellent source of trends in our culture is the stock market. Many of us invest in or watch the market strictly from an economic point of view or how it relates to our own investments. I use it to watch trends that reflect and shape the business world.



Granted, in recent years the stock market has been a source of disappointment or even disaster for many of us. Our country has suffered an economic storm like no other time in history, save the great depression. The volatility of how the market behaves is just too much for most people to comprehend or count on as a haven for their hard earned money.  However, there is no doubt it provides a wealth of information and indeed directly reflects what’s happening on the business front which includes what’s happening in technology.



One area of business that has dominated my attention as of late, is the burgeoning mobile advertising industry.   Mobile, in general, is something which we can all relate to, and experts have been predicting for some time now how prevalent it will be in our lives, even more than it already is.  Mobile is close to the point of actually surpassing desktop computer usage, which doesn’t really mean much to most people, but it means massive shifts for those in computer related industries.



The destinations that people and companies communicate and carry out business may very well be the same, i.e. search engines, social networks, websites, etc.; however, the platforms, portals, and ways in which people access the net will be very different and vary from user to user, as well. Currently the big dogs on the block are Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.



What has me so interested in the mobile advertising field are young companies like Millennial Media and Aught Technologies who owns the HipCricket ad platform. These are two companies I really see becoming huge.  In the realm of technology I keep a close watch on Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and even Yahoo to see what they’re interested in. What are their weaknesses and where are they looking to grow?   And lastly – What technologies and innovations are they most interested in?



It seems they all want to have a strong hand in the freshest most up to date hardware, as well as, having the strongest customer base through search and social served via this hardware, through the most capable advertising networks that seemingly crop out of nowhere from much smaller companies.



Think back to the beginning of Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Google and Yahoo, for example, were primarily search engines, while now they are advertising giants.  Facebook, once an online hangout for college students, is now basically a data-base of the human race, which carries with it the cultural preferences of all its members.  I digress a little bit, so back to mobile advertising.



All the major players have expressed interest in these fledgling mobile companies because they know they need them and they need to get them while they need each other and they are still small enough to absorb. Many of these companies will be merging and for sure many of them will be bought by the big guys.



Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising



What does all this mean? One thing I know is where I’m investing; and a second thing is, what all this means is that media will be more inter-connected and accessible than ever.  Some of the companies that have my interest from an investing stand point are Millennial Media, Aught Technologies, and Facebook.   Google, Apple, and Microsoft are already giants, so I don’t see any massive growth in the coming years, though, I do see them as strong investments for any portfolio.



The reason I’m looking to the aforementioned three is the potential growth that lay ahead for them.  Facebook (FB) is sitting pretty and its stock price is a complete and total bargain. They have addressed their mobile advertising issues and that is exactly why I see them surging and soaring in the next couple of years.



As for Millenial Media (MM) and Aught Technologies (AUGT), they are two mobile advertising companies who are strong and doing everything right. They are aggressively acquiring new customers who are big advertisers.  Each of their stock prices are at such lows the potential for them to double or triple is very likely. Exponential growth beyond this is also possible, especially since they may be seen as attractive to buy by some of larger companies who are lacking in the areas they can fill in.



The rise of mobile advertising will mean more ad dollars spent causing the stocks for the leaders in the mobile advertising industry to surge along with mobile usage as a whole. Businesses will continue to have innovative ways to market on the ever competitive landscape which is now comprised of 5 billion mobile users. The users who are essentially potential customers and buyers with whom to communicate to and reach in more ways than ever before.


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Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC Businesses

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MobilAdpic1 Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC Businesses

Mobile Marketing is an excellent way to build your list and target future prospects. The many restrictions in the pay-per-click segment of advertising and getting leads have made it very difficult to just load a campaign and get results like the old days. You can’t use capture pages unless they meet very specific criteria and you’re not supposed to use replicated websites. These restrictions are designed to make our internet a better experience, but there is no doubt it can create challenges when marketing.




So what is Mobile Marketing?



You probably realize the impact mobile has made on our lives in recent years. We all saw it coming but we’re still a little unsure how to take advantage of all the capabilities it has. We can access the internet, download or play music, watch videos, and connect to all the social networks. We use our devices for both business and personal use while on the go or from a favorite spot. Now is the time to seize the moment and stay ahead of this boom that is happening right now.



Mobile advertising networks and platforms are cropping up everywhere and you can start to take advantage of some of these services before another shift occurs. Large corporations are doing this so we should take this sign and run with it. The good news is that mobile advertising is not as expensive and can be just as effective if not more than “desktop advertising.” Once internet marketers and small businesses start using the platform as their main source of advertising the price of choice keywords and phrases will be driven up and we’ll be in the same predicament again.



Mobile Marketing is Booming!



Over 5 billion people carry a mobile device worldwide. This is a staggering statistic and one that obviously cannot be ignored. Short Message Ads (SMS) have as much as a 90% open rate which is much higher than click-thru-rates or even email marketing. Also, these same people log on to their computers later or still use their email as their main means of getting information. This means the mobile world and the desktop world complement each other, so your prospects are more available than ever, you just have to know how to reach them.



Mobile advertisers can now promote in any number of ways like the use of banners, SMS advertising, and various other media delivery systems, like video and audio. When an action is requested to fulfill the needs of the advertiser, such as an email or zip code, it’s the same as if it were from a desktop or phone, the internet is the internet. This is very powerful and the writing is on the wall where lead generation is moving. Mobile Internet usage is becoming more conducive for businesses and individuals to advertise this way.




mobilemontageofpeople Mobile Marketing for Fayetteville NC BusinessesMobile Marketing is still in its infancy.  It’s taken off faster in Europe and Asia for various reasons. One being that large segments of our population still prefer desktops and laptops, but that is shifting with the cost of mobile connectivity leveling and the technology improving every day. This opens up big opportunities for an astute business owner or entrepreneur to take advantage of the low competition within mobile marketing.


This means you have a better chance of your advertising message reaching the masses at a much lower cost.



Now is the time to implement some form of mobile marketing into your marketing strategy. The sooner the better before your competition and everybody else for that matter starts doing the same thing. Some statistics state that mobile phones outnumber desktop computers by a 4 to 1 ratio. Again, this should give you an idea of the massive number of people mobile advertisers can reach. I’m not ready to leave desktop marketing behind all together, I don’t think an all or nothing approach is good in any kind of marketing strategy. But as a new resource for gathering prospects and list-building or as a way to augment our other marketing efforts…  I’m goin’ mobile!



Fayetteville NC is the perfect size town to run a successful mobile marketing campaign.  Contact Rank High Media to get your questions answered.


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Vollis Simpson Tribute | Whirligig Video

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Here is a video showing the incredible Vollis Simpson Whirligigs. I shot this footage one late winter morning in 2009 outside of Wilson NC. I’m posting it as a tribute to Mr. Simpson who was just recently called to rest. Many thanks to him for creating these awe inspiring works of art for others to enjoy.

Vollis Simpson Tribute | Whirligig Video from James Broadfoot on Vimeo.

The Lucama farm in which he built and displayed these massive and wondrous creations called “Whirligigs” became a popular attraction among locals and tourists alike. Folks would visit to see these amazing windmill like structures that were constructed of scrap metal and the odds and ends left over from others.

Mr. Simpson would use old signs, car parts, farm machinery, and almost anything else to weld together and erect what would become a true marvel. The structures were brilliantly painted and adorned with windmills, gears, reflectors, and characters that seemed to come alive with every breeze and explode into a symphony of spinning, whirring, and jingling when the wind blew hard.

He completed and erected these works of engineering single-handedly using the farm equipment his family had, to do what would seem impossible for one man. He was thought to be somewhat mad at first, as most great artist are, until this roadside field sprouted work after work of towering, turning wonder.

People came from all over to see these interesting “machines” and those lucky enough to have seen them will never forget it. Over the years the field became known as “Acid Park” by younger visitors, due to the psychedelic affects created by late night visits under the glow of the moon. Strange references or not, the Whirligig Farm entertained and inspired people of all ages through the years.

Simpson’s Whirligigs became so popular the area started having a Whirligig Festival to celebrate their uniqueness and the joy they provided to the people of the area. He often donated some of his works to various sites and causes, as well as, commissioned pieces for large business campuses and even private homes. You can see some of his whirligigs in downtown Wilson attached to buildings, in parks, and on the library lawn.

He must have been divinely inspired to make all of these works, like a modern day Noah, or someone driven by a vision. He would spend over ten years on weekends working, welding, painting, and creating before the field reached its somewhat complete state. However, there were many finishing touches and changes going on, not to mention the maintenance.

We thank you Vollis Simpson for the gifts you gave so many. You are a true artist and your Whirligigs will live on!

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