Flipping Real Estate

Every once in a while a good opportunity comes along that needs tending to. Unlike flipping websites this was a house on an actual piece of real estate but a piece of property all the same. It required a lot of sweat and hard work for it to come to its fruition but was well worth the effort and I had a lot of fun doing it. Flipping real estate is another huge passion of mine and I would ultimately like to get more into finding properties with potential and flipping them for a profit.


It requires a good knowledge of the current market and the willingness to put in the effort both physically and mentally to make it work, along with the willingness to take a risk. In today’s financial climate a little luck doesn’t hurt either but your chances for success can be greatly increased by following the guidelines of experienced house flippers and seasoned real estate investors who know the legalities and unforeseen problems that can arise. Obviously staying within a budget is also crucial, as is not over developing the property beyond the needs or tastes of the potential buyer. In other words, don’t put gold faucets in a nice little starter home.


This flip was actually done several years ago but I still get a lot of people asking me about it and commenting on it. I was actually approached by Pie Town Productions out of Los Angeles to host a show featuring my next flip. They produce reality type shows of this sort and unfortunately I had to tell them it was a unique experience for me and did not do this regularly. That is not to say I won’t do it again because I know I will and I’ve always got my eyes and ears open for the next possible deal.


House Flip In It’s Entirety





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