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As stated in the post about the value of cyber real estate and the monetary potential for flipping websites on sites such as; I’m always exploring the possibilities to create, build, and develop new websites. Some of them are based on what I believe to be sought after by other internet entrepreneurs blended with new ideas and inspiration.


The intention of flipping websites is to create the sites from scratch and then sell them for a profit, however, if one of them really takes off there is always the chance of keeping it indefinitely and monetizing it further. It is true, just like a house or piece of land, you can grow attached to your electronic projects. After all,  you do invest the time, money, and effort in getting sites going; so naturally you want to let them go when the time or price is right.


Here are a couple of pet projects I’m currently working on to be sold later. These are very strong niches with good top-level domain names. The domain names alone have a built-in value based on their brevity and recallability. The logos help increase their brand awareness. They are a work in progress, so depending how profitable these sites become will determine what they fetch on Flippa.



Freebie Circus

FreebieCircuslogo med 300x172 Sites In the offers Free Stuff or Freebies online. This is done by joining affiliate networks who broker offers, then I put them on my site for people to take advantage of.  Web visitors get free samples, the brands who originate the deals gain publicity and future customers, and the website who displays them gets a reward when they’re used.  It’s a win-win-win business model and should be pretty valuable if only for the name and logo.




Game Volcano

gamevolcanologo6 300x231 Sites In the basically has a huge collection of Flash Games. Gaming is a hugely popular and highly competitive niche.  Flash style games for quick diversions and fun are slightly less competitive than the sites dedicated to the full scale video games played on the popular consoles.  This is a strong domain name with the keyword ‘game’ in it so it can be developed for either type. The volcano motif suggest a burst or overflow which gives it lots of branding potential.  In this case, I had a logo made that will be included with the domain, theme, and games.






foot1 236x300 Sites In the is in the very early planning stages and there are many ways to go with this one.  It is to be a bookmarking or bulletin board style site like Pinterest, as in foot mark it or ‘I have been here before’ and I’m putting my footprint on it.  This isn’t earth-shakingly original but the name and concept I believe are very strong and in keeping with a growing trend of these kind of sites.  I will need to hire a programmer in order to make it work like a true bookmarking site with a little foot share button that leads back to it and to allow members to have accounts.  It should be a good investment because in abler hands could really turn into something big.

(Logo in progress)






Please leave your comments, insights, ideas or questions about developing websites and turning them for a profit.


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