Spreading Your Influence Online | Creating Good Content

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Spreading your influence online should be your main objective for attracting people to you, establishing your credibility and authority, creating more traffic back to your sites, gathering leads, and ultimately making sales. This is a basic principle but it serves as a reminder and guide to why it is important.


Having a widespread influence throughout the web reinforces in a prospect’s mind your ability to do so. People will respect your ability to create content through the varied networks online and view you as an authority. They’ll also want to obtain these same skills from you. More importantly, it is the content that informs, educates, expresses, entertains, and attracts who you want to reach. It is key to always be putting information out there for others to find so you can continue to increase your exposure.


Remember every link that is clicked on the internet is assigned to a unique page. That page may be a website, blog post, article, opt-in page, social network page, picture, or video. No matter what, it is a page and the more pages you occupy the wider your influence. This is not to say to create material just to fill space, but to offer some kind of value, content, or nugget that informs about something or makes someone want to get more information.


Search engines are what drive the internet and they are equipped with sophisticated programs, algorithms, and robotic mechanisms that literally crawl or spider the entire internet constantly reading, logging and matching content to searchers needs. It is a total mystery to most of us exactly how every technical part of this works, but a good understanding of this and how to maximize your web presence can go a long way.


Why is creating good content so important? For one thing the content you create represents you and your organization. For another thing the search engines are very successful at determining what is relevant to a searchers needs. Yahoo and Google especially, have revolutionized search, so much so they even changed how businesses advertise.


They have their reputation and business model to preserve so they only want to provide credible results to web searchers. They would lose the publics’ trust and paying advertisers if the results they provided were bogus. Of course, some garbage slips through the cracks, but overall, it is a powerful system.


Knowing and appreciating this supply and demand maxim increases your ability to utilize it to your advantage. It applies to both paid the advertising you place online and your other content which you have organically or naturally ranked. It is also important to grasp the competitive nature of the highly sought after categories.


Obviously some niches will yield a higher profit, so the demand and rewards of that area dictate the cost or difficulty for high page rank. This is the main crux of how advertising has changed, that the value is determined almost in real time by its competitiveness and popularity.


Don’t focus too much on the technology as you do on your own content. It is fundamental business principles, good marketing, and content that matters the most. All the tricks and gizmos in the world will not make any difference if you are not clear on what you offer and who you are. However, taking advantage of the many channels available online is what allows you to transcend the obstacles that were present before, such as lack of customers, time, or money to maintain a traditional business.


Furthermore, realize that there is still infinite possibilities to find your place, make your contribution, and get your share of the rewards. It is a matter offering unique content, value, and solutions to a given population of web surfers. By creating this content or by actually having more “pages” out there you increase your presence, hence, your level of success. The ultimate objective is for your content to be seen as you spread your influence.



pin it button Spreading Your Influence Online | Creating Good Content
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  1. Ned Archer says:

    It is refreshing when I stumble across truly unique content on the web. So many folks just cut and paste articles from the newspaper, magazines or leading blogs and perhaps add a one line comment. As the saying goes, “Content is King.” I don’t forsee that changing any time soon.

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