Stay Informed with Google Alerts | Google Alerts Tutorial

pin it button Stay Informed with Google Alerts | Google Alerts Tutorial

Google Alerts is a great tool to help stay informed about areas of interest to you. It’s a free service connected to your Gmail account and can be set up in minutes. You simply choose the keywords and then your email will receive news and updates related to those subjects. It is a good idea to be as specific as possible or even put a keyword phrase into quotations to avoid a flood of unrelated topics.

The Alerts tool is an excellent resource for hobbyist, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. It allows information to come to you rather than doing all the searching yourself. You immediately can see what your competitors are doing online and you can stay on top of business related updates and news in your field. You can enter a phrase specific to your industry and the automated functionality will aggregate the information from all over the web.

There are many ways to use this to your advantage. One would just be areas of interest about a sports team or entertainer. More specifically in business it can become an invaluable tool when you enter a keyword phrase or long-tail keyword about something you want more info about. For instance the sale of a business, or opening of a restaurant, or a city ordinance that you’ve been checking on. Maybe you just want to know what others in your field are doing to better utilize the web. Google alerts allows you to do it.

It is very easy to set up and can be changed and updated to suit your needs. You can easily discontinue or add alerts and can schedule how often you want to get them. Here is a short video demonstrating how to use Google Alerts.




pin it button Stay Informed with Google Alerts | Google Alerts Tutorial
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