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crystalball1 Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising


As an internet marketer and SEO specialist it is my number one concern to be able pass on solid expertise to valued clients. In order to back that expertise I have to be a few steps ahead of the general public.  Since coming online I’ve prided myself on being ahead of the curve and being able to spot trends, as well as, being what is known as an early adopter. Part of being able to offer good service is knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what is around the next bend.




Unfortunately there is no one specific source for predicting the future and no one really knows what it will present to everyone. It requires untold hours of reading, researching, evaluating, comparing, and speculating on what likely occurrences may come to pass.  Other than keeping my ear to the rails and engaging myself online on a daily basis, one excellent source of trends in our culture is the stock market. Many of us invest in or watch the market strictly from an economic point of view or how it relates to our own investments. I use it to watch trends that reflect and shape the business world.



Granted, in recent years the stock market has been a source of disappointment or even disaster for many of us. Our country has suffered an economic storm like no other time in history, save the great depression. The volatility of how the market behaves is just too much for most people to comprehend or count on as a haven for their hard earned money.  However, there is no doubt it provides a wealth of information and indeed directly reflects what’s happening on the business front which includes what’s happening in technology.



One area of business that has dominated my attention as of late, is the burgeoning mobile advertising industry.   Mobile, in general, is something which we can all relate to, and experts have been predicting for some time now how prevalent it will be in our lives, even more than it already is.  Mobile is close to the point of actually surpassing desktop computer usage, which doesn’t really mean much to most people, but it means massive shifts for those in computer related industries.



The destinations that people and companies communicate and carry out business may very well be the same, i.e. search engines, social networks, websites, etc.; however, the platforms, portals, and ways in which people access the net will be very different and vary from user to user, as well. Currently the big dogs on the block are Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.



What has me so interested in the mobile advertising field are young companies like Millennial Media and Aught Technologies who owns the HipCricket ad platform. These are two companies I really see becoming huge.  In the realm of technology I keep a close watch on Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and even Yahoo to see what they’re interested in. What are their weaknesses and where are they looking to grow?   And lastly – What technologies and innovations are they most interested in?



It seems they all want to have a strong hand in the freshest most up to date hardware, as well as, having the strongest customer base through search and social served via this hardware, through the most capable advertising networks that seemingly crop out of nowhere from much smaller companies.



Think back to the beginning of Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Google and Yahoo, for example, were primarily search engines, while now they are advertising giants.  Facebook, once an online hangout for college students, is now basically a data-base of the human race, which carries with it the cultural preferences of all its members.  I digress a little bit, so back to mobile advertising.



All the major players have expressed interest in these fledgling mobile companies because they know they need them and they need to get them while they need each other and they are still small enough to absorb. Many of these companies will be merging and for sure many of them will be bought by the big guys.



Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising



What does all this mean? One thing I know is where I’m investing; and a second thing is, what all this means is that media will be more inter-connected and accessible than ever.  Some of the companies that have my interest from an investing stand point are Millennial Media, Aught Technologies, and Facebook.   Google, Apple, and Microsoft are already giants, so I don’t see any massive growth in the coming years, though, I do see them as strong investments for any portfolio.



The reason I’m looking to the aforementioned three is the potential growth that lay ahead for them.  Facebook (FB) is sitting pretty and its stock price is a complete and total bargain. They have addressed their mobile advertising issues and that is exactly why I see them surging and soaring in the next couple of years.



As for Millenial Media (MM) and Aught Technologies (AUGT), they are two mobile advertising companies who are strong and doing everything right. They are aggressively acquiring new customers who are big advertisers.  Each of their stock prices are at such lows the potential for them to double or triple is very likely. Exponential growth beyond this is also possible, especially since they may be seen as attractive to buy by some of larger companies who are lacking in the areas they can fill in.



The rise of mobile advertising will mean more ad dollars spent causing the stocks for the leaders in the mobile advertising industry to surge along with mobile usage as a whole. Businesses will continue to have innovative ways to market on the ever competitive landscape which is now comprised of 5 billion mobile users. The users who are essentially potential customers and buyers with whom to communicate to and reach in more ways than ever before.


pin it button Stock Market Outlook for Mobile Advertising
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