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As online marketers we are obviously focused on generating more leads and traffic and we can occasionally develop tunnel vision. That is not to say that focus is not important, it is. Not always seeing the trees through the forest is a frequent mistake. Often what happens in our effort to generate more business is overlooking the people we can actually help the most.



Consider your level of expertise before determining who your target market is. I’m not going to sell Tony Robbins a course on self-improvement, he is at the pinnacle of that field. However, I might be able to offer him a CD distribution deal, or information about a large company’s need for motivational training. These, of course, are just examples.



Plenty of people want and need what you offer if you can identify who they are exactly. Be clear about your skill level and what your material is, who it is designed for and what it can do for those prospects. Trying to serve “everybody” is a mistake. Your materials may be specifically geared toward beginners, someone who can barely compose an email, which is fine. A top guru will not have the time to give the attention needed by a newbie.



There is a need for training and instruction at many levels that need to be filled; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Your main concern should be “Who can benefit from my material the most?” Then plan your marketing strategy accordingly? Marketing to beginners can be very rewarding. Very often I see marketers presenting themselves as experts when their own methods are actually basic. There is nothing wrong with not being the expert in all areas of marketing, especially on the internet which is so dependent on the technology itself.



So remember when you plan your marketing strategy make it clear who the market is and speak to that crowd. I got lured into internet marketing from books and the magazine world. My curiosity was peaked even more by television and newspaper advertising. A drive to succeed was reinforced by listening to top mentors, but I sought out people who had more knowledge than me but were approachable and willing to share their knowledge.



If you get anything from this post, it would be, not to waste time trying to sell ice to Eskimos, those who don’t want or need your service. Instead, think in terms of being able to sell iced water to those who are thirsty in the desert. You’ll get much better results and enjoy more success by knowing exactly who your customers are.



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