Top Ten Reasons Why to Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

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wplogo11 Top Ten Reasons Why to Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform



In my last post I explained why it is so beneficial for a local business to have a WordPress blog on the internet and start seeing how it can increase online exposure and improve business and sales. I would like to emphasize this by sharing a quick top ten list of reasons why to choose WP as your blogging platform.






Top Ten Reasons Why to Use WordPress



1. Ease of Use – We all know how taking on new projects on the internet can be challenging to say the least. The WordPress Platform is designed to be simple to learn and user friendly. You do have to put some time into getting familiar with the system, but it is both fun and rewarding to advance in your abilities while you improve your business at the same time.



2. Flexibility – The mantra “Whatever you can conceive you can achieve,” applies to this amazing platform. What more really needs to be said. Hey, it’s flexible! Tailor and tweak it to fit your needs, be it a website, blog, or a combination.



3. Economical – Custom websites can easily run into the thousands. Both versions of WordPress are free. The dot org version requires a domain name and a web host which is still far better than the exorbitant cost of web design.



4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Capability – For some reason the powers that be, i.e. search engines, really like blogs. I guess it’s the fact that they get updated so often and give them the fresh content to crawl that they love. Whatever it is, ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is very achievable by using the right plugins and producing good content.



5. Available Themes – Your blog look or personality; be it sleek and clean or hi-tech and business-like; is all up to you and the theme or “skin” you select. There are plenty of free ones available, but a premium high functioning theme can be purchased for a song. Some great themes to check out are StudioPress’s Genesis, Unique Blog Designs, Woo Themes, and the ever popular Thesis.



6. Available Plugins – Plugins are crucial to your blog functioning at its optimum potential. The ones that are available to a WordPress user abound and they can be found and activated very quickly. They can improve your SEO online, as well as, protect your blog from hackers and spam.



7. Strong Community – You’re in good company when it comes to having a WP Blog. Major players like The New York Times, Yahoo Corporate, and Sony Playstation, along with countless internet marketing giants; all have blogs using WP as their Content Management System. Additionally, there are all the everyday folks and businesses to share in the experience.



8. Excellent Support System – Along with a strong community goes WordPress’s support. You don’t have to look very far for assistance regarding any matter needed tending to. Either on the WP help forum, in the social networks, or on YouTube, you can find the answers and solutions you need.



9. Multiple Website Capability – You are not limited to just one site with WordPress. In fact, you can use it as many times as you want with as many sites. If you have the domain names, a hosting plan set up for this way (most are), and the time to manage your sites; you have what is needed to create multiple sites for all your needs.



10. Integrates Well with Other Sites and Social Networks – It’s nice to have a main hub for all your online activity and having a WordPress blog is an efficient way to way to do this. You can easily link to other websites and your social networks and stay organized in the process. There are also many plugins that improve this aspect of blogging.



I hope you have gotten something out of this top ten list of why to use WordPress for your business blogging purposes.  Please share your thoughts or concerns about how the items listed here would meet your needs or some other advantages you know about. My next post will be another top ten list featuring the many different ways you can use a WP blog for marketing online.


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