Top Ten Ways to Use a WordPress Blog

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In my last post I listed my top ten reasons to choose WordPress as your blogging platform.  As you now know WP was originally designed for mainly blogging alone.  Of course, many people still use it for this purpose only, there are also lots of people who choose to use it as their main website.


There are sites that mesh the resources and functionality of WP to fit their exact needs. This is of great benefit to online marketers and local business owners alike. Here I would like to expound on some of the many ways you can use your WP blog to market online.




Top Ten Ways to Use a WordPress Blog



1.  WordPress as a Traditional Blog - Make it your Weblog (Blog) to make your thoughts and opinions known about the world you live in and whatever else you feel like sharing.



2.  WordPress as a Business Blog – This can be a great addition to your presence online to promote your business or your business website. Blog about your industry, as well as, news about your company.



3.   WordPress as a Business Website – Configure your WordPress blog to function as your sole business website on the internet. It can look like any modern website you’ve seen; update it and make changes as often as you like.



4.  WordPress as Both a Business Website and Blog – Make it the main online hub for your business and let it serve as both your main website and blog. Have a static homepage and a tab that goes to your blog with full blog functionality.



5.  WordPress as a Niche Blog – Niche blogging is when you hone in on one topic, category, or “niche.” You can market products, your own or those of others (as an affiliate), related to this topic by blogging about it.



6.  WordPress as a Review Site - Much like niche blogging, a review site features a variety of categories or “verticals” in which to report news or be a trusted authority on.  Blog about different products and market them as an affiliate.



7.   WordPress as a Sales Page – A sales page is a proven technique for promoting products online. Usually very text and copy intensive, they can also combine video, images, and audio, to deliver your message.



8.   WordPress as a Capture Page – You can configure your WP blog to gather leads and prospects. Dedicating a page to be a lead capture page can act in conjunction with an auto-responder and newsletter.  All businesses should use this strategy because it works.



9.   WordPress as an Aggregator or Curator Blog – You don’t necessarily have to be an expert on a subject to be seen as an authority.  You can be a reporter of what is happening or of things to come.  Some of the most respected opinions come from those who know how to find valuable information and share it with others.



10.   WordPress as a Membership Site – Membership sites run the gamut and with the right theme this is possible with a WP Blog.  Anything from sharing information, to an exclusive trade organization, to a fun gaming site.




So as you can see there are many ways to use you WordPress Blog for marketing online and the list just goes on and on.  In addition to this list, all blogs serve as a nice hub to keep track of and anchor any social networks you may be a member of.  The blogosphere is an excellent resource to learn from, contribute to, and be a part of; and the best part is anyone can do it.


You can start to blog and get your word out as soon as you get set up. If you need help installing your blog or getting it underway, there are plenty of reliable professionals, like Rank High Media, who specialize in doing this for businesses.   I hope you like my top ten best ways to to use WordPress. Feel free to offer some other ways to do so.


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