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More and more companies are now using online videos to promote products and services to reach their target audience.  Customers turn to videos to educate themselves about various products and subjects they’re interested in and want to find more information about.  The online video approach is effective, as it has the capacity to extend across business to business markets and reach as many customers as possible.



Video Marketing for Local Businesses

In 2011 there was a survey conducted by Eccolo Media.  This Survey found that the buyers of technological products ranked videos third behind data sheets, brochures and white papers as content that are consume regularly when evaluating a product/service.  Videos get a high response rate than case studies suggesting how popular the medium has become.  It has been observed that more companies pick up on the online video marketing trend, the higher response they generate.  This suggests online video has become a valuable and widely sought after medium these days.


When it comes to video marketing online,  the website that works wonders for you is YouTube.  This site has seen the rise of many businesses and it is one of the most popular websites for online video marketing.  The best part of YouTube is that videos are easy to upload and monitor.  Another advantage of YouTube is that videos are free to upload.  This medium of promotion is an effective and more fruitful than conventional means of marketing and advertisement that reach out to a limited section of people only.


Today the modern customer has no time to waste time on searching and reading content online.  There are so many market players to choose from for a single service or product.  It becomes mandatory for you to act smart and go in for video online marketing on YouTube.  Studies have reported that those businesses who have gone in for online video recorded higher returns on investment.  They were able to reach out to the targeted audience better.  Audio-visual tools have a better impact on the mindset of visitors and this is why YouTube is considered one of the top websites for promotion of videos and companies.


If you are playing with the idea of an online video to market your local business, you should consider these facts and begin making your video marketing strategy a success.  These statistics not only reflect the experiences of those who moved into the field of online marketing originally they point to where the market is strongest and where future customers can be attracted.  Their trials and errors and the tips we can learn from the clues other marketers leave behind will overall improve the effectiveness of any video marketing campaign and produce more successful results.


According to search engine optimization experts a video is expected to get over 50 times more first page Google ranks than text pages.  It is wise to use an RSS feed for distribution and as a business owner you should make the most of your meta data. When you enable CMS integration you get the opportunity to get more frequent updates on content, targets for better content and re-use.  In fact, visitors get a better web experience when they resort to the above means with success.  So, if you wish to promote your business in an effective and cheap way without hassles online, video marketing is the best tool you can embrace.


pin it button Video Marketing for Local Businesses
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