What is the Future of Social Media?

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socialmediacrystalball What is the Future of Social Media?



With incredible increase in the popularity of social media in recent years, the question often asked by entrepreneurs, marketers and users is “What’s coming up next?”. In research for this subject, I came up with several insights I will share with you. These will explain what I foresee coming in the world of social media in the future.







1. The connection between our physical and digital worlds will be stronger than ever before. Just consider that today, we’re able to go on a morning jog, while tracking our route online and sharing it with our connections, or tracking other things, like weight loss for example, using iPhone applications that are connected to our social media profiles and also sharing the data with our friends.



2. All the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) will, and already are, become what is called “Social Dashboards”. This means, in essence, that major platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, will become social channels which other businesses will develop their own technologies. Take a look at companies like Tweetdeck, or Zynga. These companies have achieved great success by just “piggybacking” on these other networks.



3. To this day, one of companies main concerns was bringing as many potential clients as possible to their pages. Now, consumer brands can create social commerce stores where Facebook users can buy products without leaving FB and going to any other website. Imagine tapping into 1 billion facebook users as your potential clients. Facebook will become one of the main platforms of online shopping in the future.



4. The consumer privacy invading by Google, Facebook and Amazon have been very popular subject in discussions all over the internet. The fact is, they are collecting information about us, based on our searches and browsing of web. They know what we like, dislike, what are our interests and more. You’d think Google knows more about you than your parents. You may be right. Soon, with the development of Semantic Web, we’ll no longer need to look for and search for the information, since the right information will find us, based on the data companies collected.



5. Mobile Technology will take the dominating position in online marketing, shopping, and surfing. And it won’t be long, it’s already started.



6. As the web is getting absolutely overloaded with information, the content we are exposed to will be highly customized and tested to suit our needs. Big companies like Google will develop search engine spiders and take delivering ONLY quality, targeted information to a whole new level.


7. Business and personal relationships will no longer be physically dependent and we’ll continue to be able to communicate with people despite their geographic location.


It may not be entirely this way, technology will probably exceed this; these are just a few speculations. What are your thoughts?



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